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2020-04-29 10:52:41 -0500 answered a question Cinder configuration for Block Storage (IBM Storwize v7000)

I found out the solution by doing r&d. Thanks anyway.

It was a silly mistake enable_backends should be enabled_backends.. argh...

2020-04-21 21:27:31 -0500 asked a question Cinder configuration for Block Storage (IBM Storwize v7000)

Hi, I have deployed multinode Openstack using Kolla Ansible. Now, I needed to enable Cinder so that I can make use of the Block Storage. I am connected to my SAN which has IBM Storage v7000 working as Storage Backend. Steps I performed: 1. Enable Cinder in globals.yml on the deployment node. 2. Created a Physical Volume and then a volume group "cinder-volumes" on my Compute node, following this guide: ( 3. Re-deployed Openstack 4. Cinder was installed. I can now see "Volumes" in my Horizon Dashboard. 5. Now, I wanted to make use of the IBM Storwize Drivers. So I edited the cinder.conf file and made the following entries:



volume_driver =

san_ip = x.x.x.x

san_login = username

san_password = pass

storwize_svc_volpool_name = pool_name

volume_backend_name = storwize
  1. I restarted my Cinder Container.

Now, I expected that I would be able to make use of the Storwize Driver but seems like I am still using the default LVM. The changes were not reflected (Horizon still shows Volume host as LVM)

Please let me know what I am doing wrong.

Thanks, Rohit

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2020-03-26 04:08:32 -0500 asked a question IBM Storage Drivers for Openstack

Hi Community, I need some help in finding the latest resources wrt IBM Storage Drivers for Openstack. The IBM Storage Driver for OpenStack is a software component that integrates with the OpenStack cloud environment and enables utilization of storage resources provided by the IBM and DS8000 Storage Systems.

PFB the questions:

  • What is the latest release of IBM Storage Drivers for Openstack ? I could find IBM_Storage_Driver_for_OpenStack_v1.8.0 which is dated May 2016. Has there been any release since then ?

  • Where can I find the latest
    repository on github ?

  • How can I track the changes made in
    the source code for IBM Storage
    Drivers for Openstack for different
    Openstack releases ?

Thanks, Rohit