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2020-01-09 13:17:08 -0600 answered a question Ansible questions

1) Ansible, in the openstack context, is used to configure openstack for your needs. The ansible playbooks can be written in a smart way to not spoil an already deployed environment when you re-run the playbooks multiple times. It can also be used to deploy a production environment.

2) Have a look at openstack-ansible project, here is the link to the latest (train release). The guide is fairly documented with step by step guide on getting a production setup (clustered multi node) up and ready. There are example (production environments here) as well.

2020-01-09 00:19:55 -0600 answered a question Changing glance backend from file to nfs

Tried a few things:

  1. Destroyed the glance container & recreated it with nfs options in openstack_user_config.yml, no luck. Glance still used /var/lib/glance/images instead of local_path (from openstack_user_config.yml). This is a bit odd (and possibly a bug in glance playbook ?) since I would expect the glance playbook to reconfigure filesystem_store_datadir which did not happen even after recreating the container.

  2. Manually changed the filesystem_store_datadir entries in glance-api.conf on all glance containers (its a 3 infra node cluster) & restarted all glance containers. This worked. All glance imported images are now appearing in the nfs storage.

2020-01-09 00:19:55 -0600 answered a question troubleshooting

if you deployed your environment using openstack-ansible you have an option to configure a log aggregator in openstack_user_config.yml under:

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2019-12-29 08:00:50 -0600 asked a question Changing glance backend from file to nfs


I have a production openstack (rocky) deployed using openstack-ansible (the environment is yet to be used for prod). Most of the configuration matches ( except that I did not deploy cinder service & used file as the backend for glance.

The openstack deployment went through fine without any errors. And I can provision the VM's (from glance images stored as files) as well.

I am planning to change the glance backend to nfs using openstack-ansilbe. I have tried modifying my openstack_user_config.yml file by adding glance_nfs_client in image_hosts for all my infra hosts. When I run the os-glance-install.yml with these changes the playbook runs fine. And the glance container mounts the nfs mount from server:remote_path on to local_path just fine, however when I create/import a new qcow2 image glance still uses /var/lib/glance/images instead of the local_path (the nfs mount) to store the images. Am I missing something ? Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.