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2020-08-30 17:59:31 -0600 answered a question How to implement Federated Identity Management (Two factor authtentication using google ) in openstack juno?

Those documentation might be of interest at

2020-08-30 17:57:22 -0600 answered a question INTEGRATE 2 authentication factors, to openstack using RCDevs Security Solutions

Those documentation might be of interest at

2020-08-30 17:34:59 -0600 answered a question how to implement 2-factor authentication in Horizon?

In addition to Haneef Ali's answer, those documentation might be of interest:

Time-based One-time Password (TOTP)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Configuring MFA

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2019-12-31 07:57:46 -0600 answered a question What is the best solution to back up a project's network settings and restore them later?

Maybe this (Raksha) OpenStack project. Which is a scalable data protection service for OpenStack.

According to its documentation, Raksha allows you to backup network mappings and other resources of an instance. Read more at:

  • Documentation
  • Client code at (
  • Project was on LaunchPad but somehow it is presently gone at (

Did anyone try Raksha? We have not yet tried it at Ubertus. But if we do we will be happy to share our findings.

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