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2020-01-08 08:22:42 -0600 asked a question Could we prevent the user to see each other instances from same project(tenants).


Earlier in liberty version of openstack I had a one project (e.g projectA) in that i can able to see only my instances. If same project (projectA) another user create instance he can see only his instances. now i have upgrade my openstack version to stein in stein users can able to see each other instances if they are in same project. yes user can create private project for prevent to share his instance information but issue is two user could not create same name project as a private.

Question: 1. may i get a reference or any release note which openstack version this project property got change? 2. Is there any other way i can maintain the same project and prevent the user to see each other instances?

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2019-09-30 02:18:09 -0600 asked a question How I can modify the source code of horizon openstack inside kolla container

Hi, I have modified my source code of openstack-horizon servcie and created the image using kolla and running a container with kolla-ansible. but i could not see my modified changes while running the openstack. I can see my modified source code has been copied to horizon container. Even i tried to change the code inside the container but didnt get any luck.