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2020-09-02 01:28:17 -0600 asked a question Why the neutron's attr_info doesn't update?

I want to customize the value timeout client and timeout server in haproxy.conf (which is 50000 by default), and I tried to add a parameter in neutron-lbaas so that I can post request from Heat template with a customized timeout value.

I add a parameter in neutron-lbaas and restart neutron-lbaasv2-agent.service, it failed with the following message:

BadRequest: resources.corey_loadbalancer: Unrecognized attribute(s) 'client_timeout'

Here is the one part of my code I modified:
Add a param 'client_timeout' in RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTE_MAP (neutron_lbaas/extensions/

RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTE_MAP = { 'loadbalancers': { ...... 'client_timeout': {'allow_post': True, 'allow_put': True, 'validate': {'type:range': [1000, 3600000]}, 'default': lb_const.DEFAULT_CLIENT_TIMEOUT, 'convert_to': converters.convert_to_int, 'is_visible': True} }

When I trace the code I found that the request will go to neutron/api/v2.0/, it will do verify_attributes in this part, the post body and the attr_info are different, so it will detect an extra_keys then raise an exception Unrecognized attribute(s):

Request body:
{u'loadbalancer': {u'vip_subnet_id': u'd271a0f1-bcc8-4ae9-893f-db9a7ec51910', u'admin_state_up': True, u'description': u'corey-loadbalancer', u'name': u'Corey-LoadBalancer', u'client_timeout': 65000} }

I can't find the attribute 'client_timeout' from attr_info:
{'description': {'default': '', 'is_visible': True, 'validate': {'type:string': 255}, 'allow_put': True, 'allow_post': True}......... ......'operating_status': {'is_visible': True, 'allow_put': False, 'allow_post': False}}

I stuck at this point, I don't know why attr_info doesn't contain my new attribute 'client_timeout', I already tried to restart all neutron-related service, but doesn't work at all,

Why the neutron's attr_info doesn't update?
How can I do to update the attr_info?
Is there any miss-configuration in the neutron-lbaas? I wonder.

Any help is appreciated!

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2020-05-15 05:13:26 -0600 commented question How to shutdown whole openstack cluster

Have you solved it? I am finding the most proper way to shutdown/startup the whole Openstack service, and I found this document, here you go (Shut down an OpenStack environment).

2020-05-08 01:01:28 -0600 commented answer modify default settings of lbaas haproxy

According to my experience, modify the template (neutron_lbaas/drivers/haproxy/templates/haproxy_base.j2) doesn't work to me, it will be replaced by the default config after restarting lbaasv2 agent.

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2020-03-31 09:16:13 -0600 commented answer What's the maximum pool member in Load Balancer?

You didn't answer my question, but anyway, thanks for replying.

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2020-03-20 09:46:29 -0600 asked a question What's the maximum pool member in Load Balancer?

As title, I am using Neutron Load Balancer (LBaasV2), and I would like to know
What's the maximum pool member that Neutron load balancer allows in one pool?
And another question is
What's the maximum connections that Neutron load balancer supports? Is it 65534?

I would appreciate any helps.

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2020-03-05 04:20:58 -0600 asked a question How to Run Windows NLB Cluster on Openstack?

I have two Nova instances run as Windows RD Gateway, I would like to build a High Availability architecture by using Windows Network Load Balance Manager (NLB), I set up NLB according to this (article), here is some info of my NLB cluster:

Cluster Name: rdgw (virtual-ip:
Host-1: rdgw-1 ( (NLB installed, RD Gateway Server Farm joined, static IP, Converged, priority=1)
Host-2: rdgw-2 ( (NLB installed, RD Gateway Server Farm joined, static IP, Converged, priority=2)
Cluster Operation Mode: Multicast
Filtering Mode: Single Host (My main purpose is HA)

And here are some settings on Openstack side:
I created three network ports, all of them are under the same tenant, with the same security groups, and set allowed_address_paris for two RDGW nodes.

allowed_address_pairs | {"ip_address": "", "mac_address": "fa:16:3e:a8:9c:0e"}

So all packets came from will map to the two nodes (rdgw-1 & rdgw-2).

But it doesn't work at all, everything could be working only when one of the two nodes is going down!! It means that when I shutdown rdgw-1, end-user can establish a connection via virtual-ip (redirect to rdgw-2 by NLB), when both of them online, it doesn't work, end-user cannot establish a connection via virtual-ip.

1. rdgw-1 and rdgw-2 can ping each other
2. From outside, ping virtual-ip => DUP (two nodes respond to ICMP message)
3. From outside, telnet virtual-ip 443 => Connection closed by foreign host
(I can telnet rdgw-1-ip 443 & telnet rdgw-2-ip 443 directly)
4. I install Windows Network Monitor for debugging this issue, I can see the packets send by Heartbeat(Protocol Name: NLBHB), it means the communication between two nodes might be working. But I found that the node will receive Duplicate Packets (TCP:[DUP Ack......]) when I "telnet virtual-ip 443", what does it mean? Seems like NLB didn't redirect the packets to the node with highest priority.

I post the question here because I can't make sure that the problem is caused by NLB or Openstack Neutron, the main questions are:

1. Does OpenStack Neutron support Multicast with Open vSwitch?
2. How to modify Neutron settings for supporting Windows NLB multicast?
3. Is there anyone have experience that setting up Windows NLB cluster on OpenStack?

Openstack Version: Pike
Windows Version: Windows Server 2012 R2

2020-02-22 02:45:11 -0600 answered a question Changing flavors from private to public

Remove all accesses for a flavor that doesn't work for me on Openstack Pike, so I modified the value in DB directly.

use nova_api
select * from flavors;
update flavors set is_public=1 where id=column_id;

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2020-01-03 03:06:13 -0600 commented question glance tags or properties missing when status changed to active

I have the same issue! For me, it can only be reproduced with a "small" image (e.g. 1GB), it really seems like a bug. BTW, is there any method to keep tags and properties while uploading volume-to-image?

2019-12-10 09:20:38 -0600 asked a question Unable to set type to export using glance task-create

I am doing a program that enables users to upload and download image via our web service, and I found that glance has an API Task-Create, which creates an async task to do uploading/downloading in the background, this is what I was looking for, so I did some test on this feature.

According to this (docs), I tried the command listed below:

glance task-create --type export --input '{"export_uuid": "image_id","export_to":"my_url","export_format": "raw"}'

But I got a weird error message:

Unable to set 'type' to 'export'

When I change the type to import, and the corresponding schema(import_from_format, import_from......), it just worked like a charm, I mean there is something wrong with the type export, what am I missing?

I would appreciate any ideas.

nova-manage --version: 16.1.4
glance --version: 2.8.0

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2019-10-14 00:41:34 -0600 commented answer What's the difference between "disk.device.write.requests.rate" and "disk.device.iops" ?

´╝áBernd Bausch, would you mind if I ask one more question? How does Nova get these informations? I want to know how it works? I know I should check the source code, but I have no idea where to start.

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2019-10-09 03:28:15 -0600 commented answer What's the difference between "disk.device.write.requests.rate" and "disk.device.iops" ?

So ( + disk.device.write.requests) == disk.device.iops ?

2019-10-09 01:07:16 -0600 asked a question What's the difference between "disk.device.write.requests.rate" and "disk.device.iops" ?

I would like to get the IOPS value from each instance, so I searched some info about Gnocchi metrics, and I found two metrics: and disk.device.iops.

According to this (page), means "The number of read/write requests" per second, and disk.device.iops means "Average disk iops per device".

My question is: what is the main difference between these two metrics? I can't find out which is the most suitable choice for me.

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2019-09-06 03:24:07 -0600 commented answer You are not authorized to perform the requested action under admin user

I went into the database and changed the name of the former admin role back to admin, it works! Thanks!

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2019-09-05 23:57:02 -0600 asked a question You are not authorized to perform the requested action under admin user

I have two accounts on OpenStack (admin and corey), I would like to raise the permission of "corey" up to admin, and this is what I have done.

$ openstack role add --project service --user corey admin

$ source

Nothing changed. So I tried this.

$ openstack role set --name corey admin

After doing this, both admin and corey lost all permissions, all commands can't work correctly.

$ openstack role list

You are not authorized to perform the requested action: identity:list_roles. (HTTP 403)

$ nova list

ERROR (ClientException): The server is currently unavailable. Please try again at a later time. (HTTP 503)

I can't see any info. on Horizon either, I logged in as admin, all I got is:

Error: Unable to retrieve instances

What should I do to fix this problem, I have completely no idea now.