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2019-05-18 18:33:02 -0500 asked a question Virtualbox on OpenStack Image


I recently spun up an OpenStack image running Ubuntu 16.04. My goal was to then use Virtualbox within it for some security testing but I ran into some issues.

When I tried to start a VM within Virtualbox it said, "A critical error has occurred while running the VM.". I looked through he logs and didn't see anything overly obvious on what was wrong but from Googling around, it mainly pointed to ensuring virtualization is turned on within the host.

I'm not that familiar with OpenStack but I got to the console of my Ubuntu image but could never get into the BIOS. I didn't think an OpenStack image would truly have a BIOS to get into as it's all settings from when you spin up the image. So I found a few articles regarding nested virtualization. I ran these commands and restarted but still didn't have any luck.

sudo rmmod kvm-intel
sudo sh -c "echo 'options kvm-intel nested=y' >> /etc/modprobe.d/dist.conf"
sudo modprobe kvm-intel

Is there anything obvious I'm missing or has anyone else successfully ran VirtualBox within OpenStack? The really weird part is I spun up an image a few weeks ago and ran the exact same setup and VirtualBox did work then. I've tried re-imaging three times but still no luck.