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Hello, Thank you for your reply. I did a fresh packstack installation with the IP with the commands you suggested. But the problem persists. I can't connect to the Horizon with that IP.

2019-05-02 17:23:41 -0600 asked a question Access to Horizon drops after configuring br-ex port

Hello, I have been struggling understanding how the bridge works with OpenStack. I have installed Packstack but I have never succeeded to access outside the network. My Physical Network setup is rather challenging. I'm doing a Proof of Concept project for my school. I don't have access to school router nor I have permission to configure it. I have been given One IP ( to work with. While there are other IPs available on the network, I'm not allowed to use them because they are reserved for other projects. I have read a lot of documents but they all seem to be required that I give a range of IPs from my network.

I would like to know if is even possible to install PackStack in such condition. If yes, how?

The issue comes from the fact that every time I add my interface to ovs br-ex, I lose connection to my OpenStack Dashboard. (I do change the parameter of my enp0s interface and br-ex accordingly) My computer is running CentOS 7 and has one NIC which is connected to school network I'd appreciate any tips!

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Hi, I have successfully installed PackStack on CentOS which is running on VirtualBox. This was a default all-in-one installation. I followed the RDO instruction which requires to disable firewall and SELinux etc. I did not add any other elements to the installation process nor I used the answer file. So I assume everything is installed based on the automated configuration. While everything else works, I'm having trouble with my instances reaching the internet. I was wondering if there are any required configurations that I have missed after the PackStack installation? Should I make changes to my adapters to work with ovs bridges configurations? Or any other changes to configurations files such as Neutron or ml2 etc? There is a lot of information and documentation but unfortunately, I'm not sure which one applies to my situation. I'd really appreciate it if someone could give me a hint. Cheers!

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