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Hi, I have four servers and I want to build a cloud environment using OpenStack. These servers are 6 years old but they have ok specs. 134gb RAM, 500Gb HDD and two core 1.8 CPU and 4 NIC each.

My question is, which method I should choose for my deployment? The main objective is to build the Cloud environment first.

I’m fairly new to this. I managed to install PackStack and built a POC in VirtualBox while ago. So something that doesn’t require deep understanding would be nice. Thank you!

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I'm stuck with a school project and I'd really appreciate if someone could guide me through this. I have a school project which requires us to explore Cloud Services and the opportunities for this technology. I decided to create a private cloud using OpenStack. I'm not sure what I can and will do with it eventually but for now, testing the environment is my sole purpose. I use VirtualBox because our school doesn't let us install anything on student's computers which is a VDI Desktops. I created a CentOS machine and installed packstack -allinone. I followed the instructions given here ( Installation was successful and I can log into OpenStack from command line web browser "links".

Now I'd like to create another (or more) VM machines (with GUI) inside VirtualBox so I can manage OpenStack easily. But I'm super confused about the network configuration of VirtualBox. What type of network I should use in VB? NAT, bridge, etc. My school has provided me with 5 IP addresses dedicated to my project. Sadly I have no idea where I should use those IP addresses. I understand the very basic of networking but with this setup, I'm totally lost. I'd really appreciate it if someone could give me a few suggestions or recommendations on how to proceed from here. Bellow is the diagram of the school network. We can access the school computers from outside only through the VDI desktops. From home I use the Citrix Receiver to connect to my school desktop. Probably I don't have to say this but this Cloud I'm building will be only accessible inside school network.