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2019-01-08 15:45:20 -0500 asked a question Openstack conjure-up networking

I succeeded to install an Openstack cluster on 5 servers using MAAS and conjure-up (using this (tutorial) ).
I also deployed a new ubuntu Instance using the Horizon GUI.
Now I'm stuck to configure the network.
I deployed the instance with one private IP and one floating IP.
I cannot ping the instance from the openstack-controller (I tried to ping both IPs, private and floating).

This is my current network topology: (Image)

I created the Public network selecting as "Provider Network Type": "Flat" (I tried also "VLAN") and as "Physical Network": "physnet1" (not sure about this configuration, I used the default conjure-up settings. Do I have to use a different provider?)

This is my default security group: (Image)

This is my instance: (Image)

Also all physical servers are connected to the same network switch (isolated) as specified in the conjure-up tutorial: "Connect the both NICs of the servers to the same network switch.".

What can I check to find the problem? Are my configuration right?

thank you

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