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2019-02-11 23:54:05 -0600 commented answer virtual machine priority

after searching more on this I found these 2 in nova specs-

any idea on this can help me a lot. thanks

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2019-02-11 04:33:35 -0600 asked a question instance resizing on a running vm

Hi All, Is there any way to resize one running instance based on its RAM, CPU or disk individually in the latest openstack versions?

Found one similar question on this, but it was asked years back and there was no support for this then.

But I dont want resize giving some new flavor as described here -

any open source tools or service available now to achieve this?

thanks in advance for the replies.

best regards

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2019-02-07 09:56:42 -0600 asked a question nova compute's resource allocation strategy for hosted VMs

Hello Openstack experts,

I am trying to find the decision logic/code flow/internal algorithm used on how compute host allocates resources (memory, vcpu etc) to all the VMs it hosts internally. I found out this link somewhat useful from wiki - (spec). With respect to this where can I find the src file changes (change versions, files modified etc)?

whether the strategy to decide resource allocation can be modified if I want to set higher priority to some VMs and lower to others- based on that the memory,cpu allocation will change for the VMs?

Please provide some pointers, files location in openstack or any algorithm to work out on this.

thanks in advance for your valuable inputs.

regards, SanjayK

2019-01-28 00:38:38 -0600 answered a question virtual machine priority

Hi Bernd, thanks for your reply. using flavors will not help much in my case. I want to have prioritization of VMs in compute node in openstack like what VMware have features like Resource pools and VM Shares concept implemented in its products.

please let me know whether this kind of features is already implemented in openstack compute through any open source tools or in newer openstack versions or is there any plan in the offing to make it available in the later openstack versions?

thanks in advance for the reply. regards

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2019-01-03 11:31:18 -0600 asked a question virtual machine priority

Hello Experts, I have a situation where I have to calculate/set the priority of VMs in the existing openstack environment which is using liberty version of openstack release. Say, in a blade there are few dev, QA and test VMs. Out of these 3 types of VMs I want to set higher priority to Dev VMs compared to QA's or Test VMs so that whenever there is resource crunch and when both Dev VM and QA VM requests comes at a same time to launch, the compute environment should calculate internally to give/allocate resources to Dev VM to launch it and keeps the priority of QA vm low which can be launched later.

Is there any existing facility available in compute schedulers or in recent openstack releases which can prioritize VM allocation/scheduling for different types of users?

I can find one such discussion on this link, but it is not helping much. (link text)

Please let me know your suggestions in this as I am new to openstack environment. thanks in advance for your replies.

best rgds, Sanjay