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2019-07-19 09:39:16 -0500 asked a question ceilometer gnocchi grafana

Hi, I have a multi node setup with devstack stein where I am trying to see the ceilometer metrices through grafana and gnocchi as backend db. however following this other question how to use grafana with gnocchi I ran my and set up other 2 compute nodes. devstack installation went fine for controller and compute nodes. but I am not able to access grafana UI using the controller_node_ip:3000 as the URL in my browser.

my local.conf file in stein devstack is as below-

enable_service ceilometer-acentral,ceilometer-collector,ceilometer-api,ceilometer-acompute

# Notification Agent
enable_service ceilometer-anotification
# Eager 30 second pipeline interval

#Enable Service grafana
enable_service gnocchi-grafana

#Enable ceilometer
enable_plugin ceilometer ${GIT_BASE}/openstack/ceilometer $USE_BRANCH

#Enable aodh
enable_plugin aodh ${GIT_BASE}/openstack/aodh $USE_BRANCH

Please let me know whether I can see compute metrices directly using grafana along with gnocchi backend as the recent version of ceilometer is not no longer using other backend dbs to store metric data?

Is there any specific configuration required other than in local.conf for grafana?

I appreciate your help and pointers on this.

best regards

2019-07-19 07:04:08 -0500 commented question How to use Grafana with Gnocchi?

Hi pablobrunetti,I am using devstack stein.whether grafana can be used with gnocchi directly to show the metrices on grafana UI as per your local.conf settings?we used graphite in liberty to store metric data in carbon db to be used by grafana.Stein version does support grafana+gnocchi directly?

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2019-07-17 07:56:57 -0500 asked a question How to switch to different backend db from gnocchi in ceilometer

hi, I was trying to set up my devstack stein environement in a multi node set up with stein ceilometer. When I run with default back end as empty in local.conf, ceilometer and devstack are installed properly with gnochhi as the default backend db.

However when I mention my backend db as mongodb, the devstack installation fails with below error -

++/opt/stack/ceilometer/devstack/  _ceilometer_configure_storage_backend
++/opt/stack/ceilometer/devstack/  '[' mongo = none ']'
++/opt/stack/ceilometer/devstack/  '[' mongo = gnocchi ']'
++/opt/stack/ceilometer/devstack/  die 242 'Unable to configure unknown CEILOMETER_BACKEND mongo'
++functions-common:die:195                  local exitcode=1
[Call Trace]
[ERROR] /opt/stack/ceilometer/devstack/ Unable to configure unknown CEILOMETER_BACKEND mongo
Error on exit

We had used monogo db as our database when we used liberty version of openstack ceilometer. However now it is not allowed I think.

my controller node's local.conf has these lines to use ceilometer as a service-

#Enable controller services for ceilometer
# turn on all the ceilometer services by default (except for ipmi pollster)
# Pollsters
enable_service ceilometer-acentral,ceilometer-collector,ceilometer-api,ceilometer-acompute

# Notification Agent
enable_service ceilometer-anotification


#Enable ceilometer
enable_plugin ceilometer ${GIT_BASE}/openstack/ceilometer $USE_BRANCH
#Enable aodh
enable_plugin aodh ${GIT_BASE}/openstack/aodh $USE_BRANCH

Is there any way we can still use the mongo db in ceilometer with respect to our older legacy deployment done with liberty release?

Thank you for your replies and suggestions.

2019-07-17 06:20:01 -0500 commented answer ceilometer services in devstack

If I want to set backend db as mongodb, devstack setup is giving error as - [ERROR] /opt/stack/ceilometer/devstack/ Unable to configure unknown CEILOMETER_BACKEND mongo . whether mongodb is not supported in stein version of ceilometer in devstack? plz suggest.thanks

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2019-07-16 11:40:27 -0500 asked a question ceilometer gnocchi graphite

Hi All, In our older liberty release openstack, we customized ceilometer source files to add graphite to feed resource data to graphite backend carbon db which in turn used by grafana to show usage metrics on UI. However in recent Stein release I found the ceilometer source code is restructured to support many new things. In older liberty code, we changed agent/, compute/pollsters/cpu,memory,, and adding new to define dispatcher opts to use graphite to send metrics data to backend carbon db.

In current stein ceilometer source, I dont find the ceilometer/agent files which are moved to some location and I dont have idea where the is located now.

I have doubt that whether gnocchi is doing similar jobs as done by graphite to put metrics data into db? And when gnocchi was introduced in Ceilometer version for what purpose?

If gnocchi is serving same functionality as graphite, can I use the metrics data from db to grafana UI and how can I achieve that?

thanks you for your replies and hints.

best rgds,

2019-07-16 00:58:08 -0500 commented answer ceilometer services in devstack

Thanks Shaoman for your reply. To install ceilometer in devstack, do I have to enable services like - ceilometer-agent-notification and ceilometer-agent-central for controller and ceilometer-agent-compute and ceilometer-agent-ipmi for compute in devstack's local.conf file?Gnocchi is auto-installed?

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2019-06-25 08:51:51 -0500 asked a question vm information from nova db tables

Hi, Is there any database tables in nova which maintains instance information like - vm name, vm uuid, vm Owner name, IP address allocated, VM state after the VM is created successfully. I need to use these information in some script I am writing.

whether all these information can be available in one or multiple db tables inside nova database provided I have the compute host name. Basically I want to find out all the above vm information for a specific compute host provided.

Please provide any pointers if you have.

thanks for your replies.

best regards,

2019-06-14 07:56:01 -0500 asked a question ceilometer services in devstack

Hi All, I am trying to setup a multi host set up using devstack stein enabling few services in local.conf. I am trying to add Ceilometer services in both controller and compute nodes local.conf file. However I am not sure which ceilometer services are to be enabled for controller and which are meant for compute nodes.

Please let me know your suggestions and pointers on this.

thank you for your helps.

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2019-05-28 00:44:07 -0500 commented answer devstack keystone authentication

Thank you Bernd... your answer resolved all my doubts on the latest keystone. best regards

2019-05-27 06:52:49 -0500 asked a question devstack keystone authentication

Hi openstack users, This is regarding authentication done in keystone V3 and V2 in devstack stein release. I have my devstack multi node set up using stein. I can also access horizon using the horizon url generated after installation.

I want to verify whether keystone authentication is happening successfully using version 3 and 2 in stein. I have checked the keystone logs on controller node when I access the horizon ui using-

#sudo journalctl -f -u devstack@k*

I can see the log lines generated for REQUEST_METHOD, SCRIPT_NAME, and PATH_INFO in keystone log.

How can I confirm that keystone is working fine doing authentication using v3 and v2 calls? Also how can I fallback to version 2 in stein to do the tests and what kind of cli/api calls needed to verify this that keystone is working fine with v2 also? Whether V2 is still supported in devstack Stein release as v3 is the default one?

thank you for your hints and replies.

best regards,

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2019-05-22 13:51:00 -0500 asked a question how to build a service in devstack without affecting other running services

Hi, Say I have installed devstack stein in a multi-host setup which is running well. If I play around doing some changes in some openstack service's code base - say in nova source files, and I want to test those changes in the same environment without affecting to my running devstack setup.. how can I compile, build and deploy that code in the same environment to test it?

whether I just have to stop all the nova services on my controller node and recompile it and restart it without restarting all other services?

which set of commands can be used for such things and where can I execute those commands?

thanks for your replies.


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2019-04-29 11:52:04 -0500 commented question instance ip from compute node

Thanks eblock for your reply. nova list --all-tenants solved my issue.

2019-04-29 07:05:53 -0500 asked a question instance ip from compute node

Hi All, I was wondering if there is a way to get instance ip address from the compute host. I can run virsh commands like - virsh domifaddr instance_name on my compute host (ubuntu 16), but it is not showing any ip address for the VM which can be seen from horizon dashboard. fyi, I have a devstack setup with multiple compute hosts.

#virsh domifaddr instance-00000002
 Name       MAC address          Protocol     Address

Also other ways of using virsh to find VM ip is not working like the above.

Please let me know if it possible to fetch VM ip address if I am using kvm/qemu as hypervisor in my setup.

thanks for your reply.

best regards,

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2019-04-25 06:42:15 -0500 asked a question masakari notification on process failure

Hi all, I have setup a multi host set up using devstack stein with 1 controller node and 2 compute nodes with ubuntu 16 VMs. I have enabled Masakari service on my controller local.conf file like below -

#Enable Masakari
enable_plugin masakari ${GIT_BASE}/openstack/masakari $USE_BRANCH
#enable_plugin masakari-dashboard ${GIT_BASE}/openstack/masakari-dashboard $USE_BRANCH
enable_plugin masakari-monitors ${GIT_BASE}/openstack/masakari-monitors $USE_BRANCH
enable_plugin python-masakariclient ${GIT_BASE}/openstack/python-masakariclient $USE_BRANCH

I have set up Masakari Segments adding 2 compute nodes in it with AUTO recovery under the 'Instance-ha' section in horizon dashboard. I have to mimic process, VM and compute failure to check whether Masakari provides proper notification in each failure case.

To test process failure, I have created 2 instances in one compute. From root user, I killed the instance 1's qemu process on that particular host. However masakari did not provide notification for this process failure in horizon instance-ha notifications if it is monitoring the underlying processes on controller and computes.

Please let me know if I am missing anything in configuring Masakari and how Masakari notifications really works to provide useful information to the end user.

thank you for your pointers and replies.

best regards,

2019-04-22 04:53:57 -0500 commented question devstack multinode - instance creation failed

Thanks Bernd Bausch. It resolved my issue.

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2019-04-21 10:54:53 -0500 edited question devstack multinode - instance creation failed

Hi All, I have configured 2 VMs using devstack stein for a multi host setup. In this case first VM acts as a controller+compute with minimal openstack services and the 2nd VM acts as a second compute host. After configuration, I can see the horizon UI and can see 2 hosts under Hypervisor/Compute section in Horizon. However when I create a instance it shows error as -

Error: Failed to perform requested operation on instance "testvm3", the instance has an error status: Please try again later [Error: Host 'devstack-testvm-stein' is not mapped to any cell].

The instance status shows as 'Error' in Instances Section in Horizon. My second host local.conf files contains something like this which differs from my 1st controller+compute host-

#All in One setup, set controller IP as host ip addr

#Set where to look for other services
#New auth version available in newer relase only, comment below 3 lines for old releases(e.g liberty)

#list of services to be disabled
disable_service n-net
disable_service n-auth
disable_service etcd3
disable_service tempest

#Enable Compute Services and disable controller services on compute
 # and some additional config line...

openstack compute service command output on my 1st VM(controller+compute) shows the below output

stack@devstack-u16:~/devstack$ openstack compute service list
| ID | Binary           | Host                    | Zone     | Status  | State | Updated At                 |
|  2 | nova-scheduler   | devstack-u16              | internal | enabled | up    | 2019-04-21T15:50:03.000000 |
|  5 | nova-consoleauth | devstack-u16             | internal | enabled | up    | 2019-04-21T15:49:58.000000 |
|  6 | nova-conductor   | devstack-u16              | internal | enabled | up    | 2019-04-21T15:50:01.000000 |
|  1 | nova-conductor   | devstack-u16              | internal | enabled | up    | 2019-04-21T15:49:55.000000 |
|  4 | nova-compute     | devstack-u16              | nova     | enabled | up    | 2019-04-21T15:49:57.000000 |
|  5 | nova-compute     | devstack-testvm-stein | nova     | enabled | up    | 2019-04-21T15:49:58.000000 |

Please provide any pointer why the instance creation is failed. Thank you for your replies and help.

best regards,