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Maybe you can try to configure sflow on each OVS and send to a collector For our tests we used sFlowTrend (free version limited to 5 device)

You juste need to configure each OVS with this command :

docker exec -it -u 0 neutron_openvswitch_agent ovs-vsctl --id=@sflow create sflow agent=bond_pub.XXX target="\"XXX:6343\"" header=128 sampling=64 polling=10 -- set bridge br-tun sflow=@sflow

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First you dont need to reconfigure all for this modification . In your deployement node where you have kolla-ansible intalled under the directory /etc/kolla You can create the directory : /etc/kolla/config/neutron create the ml2_conf.ini with these parameters : This configuration assume you have a trunk on your external interface Bond0 (no tag under linux) with vlans 10->200


network_vlan_ranges = physnet1:10:200


flat_networks =

Kolla-ansible use all files under config directory for specific configuration. Then you can have a centralised configuration . Juste run (choose the right path for multinode files) kolla-ansible/tools/kolla-ansible -i multinode -t neutron reconfigure

You should have your /etc/kolla/neutron-openvswitch-agent/ml2_conf.ini updated with the new configure

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Hi , Your configuration should not be set with a Vxlan Type but Flat . What did you type exactly when you created the network External ?

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I've had the same problem . For me , no port was created on Ovs for the instance , i saw that on the log of the instance (no ethx :().

Check on the ovs log, for my case i had plenty errors and a restart of the Ovs container corrected my problem.


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What is the configuration of you external network ? An openstack network show {Name_of-your-external-network} can help us to determine your configuration .



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Flat or Vlan depending on your physical configuration. Usually we have multiple vlan on a trunk inside your external interfaces so the ml2 provider was configuration on Vlan mode. And yes, that for public network / provider Network for FIP but you can assign directly an public IP on your Instance.

Indeed , Vxlan are for private IP on instance.

Not sure if i answered on your questions ;)