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2018-12-12 13:55:37 -0500 answered a question single bond multiple provider networks

here is what i did to (hopefully) resolve this issue:

  • hosts: compute, network become: true vars: virtual_bridge: "vBR"

    • name: add veth link shell: sudo ip link add dev vBRs type veth peer name vBR when:
      • virtual_bridge not in ansible_interfaces
    • name: add veth link to existing bridge shell: sudo brctl addif br0 vBRs ignore_errors: yes

    • name: ensure links are up shell: sudo ip link set dev vBRs up && sudo ip link set dev vBR up

then set: neutron_external_interface: "vBR" neutron_bridge_name: "br-ex"

once that has deployed you should be able to create as many provider networks as you need with different VLAN ids

openstack network create --external --provider-physical-network physnet1 --provider-network-type vlan --provider-segment 1000 --share external