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I was able to reproduce this error by setting up the docker registry inside of a container as you described. The docker registry is returning a 500 error on push because it cannot reach the keystone and glance service due to the firewall on the host.

To correct this, I did the following:

  1. Figure out what IP address the openstack firewall rules are using. This should match the IP address you provided in the docker script for the variables OS_AUTH_URL and GLANCE_HOSTPORT. In my simple single-host setup it's just the IP address of eth0, but double check with iptables -n -L nova-api-INPUT and note the destination field.
  2. Append rules to the nova-api-INPUT[1] chain to permit keystone and glance traffic. This will let the docker container use these services: iptables -A nova-api-INPUT -p tcp --dst [your-ip-here] --dport 35357 -j ACCEPT; iptables -A nova-api-INPUT -p tcp --dst [your-ip-here] --dport 9292 -j ACCEPT

After that I was able to successfully run the script and it successfully pushed the image into docker and glance.

[1] There's probably a more appropriate place to stick these, but since I don't intimately understand the openstack networking bits this was the easiest place I saw

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Thanks for the update. I will try to reproduce the error using the registry container you've posted. I've successfully gotten Docker to work on RDO, and I'm in the process of doing a writeup explaining in detail how to do it. Once I finish I'll supply it here as an answer.

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That link is to devstack, the original poster is using packstack on RDO to install and configure openstack. RHEL 6.5 includes support for Docker, search "docker" on (

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Can you add some more details on how you're pulling and starting the registry container? That HTTP 500 error is coming back from the registry, so we need to figure out how to get at the registry log file.