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I am new to OpenStack and doing a AIO installation to deploy OpenStack on a single VM following this guide: (OpenStack Ansible AIO)

When I run the command:

openstack-ansible setup-hosts.yml

everything works fine until the task:

TASK [openstack_hosts : Remove the blacklisted packages]

which is the first task in this script (openstack_hosts_configure_apt.yml).

At this point the installation gets stuck. One time, I also received the errors similar to the following after the time out:

Connection failed [IP: 80]", "Err:3 ( xenial-updates/main amd64 python-apt amd64 1│Fetched 323 kB in 0s (348 kB/s).1.0~beta1ubuntu0.16.04.2

I have also tried running sudo apt update and upgrade. The result shows that packages are updated.

The contents of sources.list file are as follows (without the comments):

deb ( xenial main restricted deb-src ( xenial main restricted deb ( xenial-updates main restricted deb-src ( xenial-updates main restricted deb ( xenial universe deb-src ( xenial universe deb ( xenial-updates universe deb-src ( xenial-updates universe deb ( xenial multiverse deb-src ( xenial multiverse deb ( xenial-updates multiverse deb-src ( xenial-updates multiverse deb ( xenial-backports main restricted universe multiverse deb-src ( xenial-backports main restricted universe multiverse deb xenial-security main restricted deb-src xenial-security main restricted deb xenial-security universe deb-src xenial-security universe deb xenial-security multiverse deb-src xenial-security multiverse

I am assuming that this only runs apt-get update but it works fine when I run it. I am not sure why the installation gets stuck at this point. Can anyone help?

Thanks very much in advance.

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did you find the reason that caused your problem? My installation gets stuck on setup-hosts.yml