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2018-09-26 16:28:21 -0500 asked a question What is the best way for testing the keystone component?

Hello to everyone! I am a newbie with Opoenstack. As a personal project I need to learn how the Openstack keystone works. I have only one pc with 16 gigabytes of RAM but I hope it is enough just to learn the mechanisms and simulate the basic operation. I saw that there are two different ways to use Opentack on a single machine, namely All in one openstack and devstack. Devstack I read that it automatically installs all the components but does not have parts related to the stop and start and once it is shut down Openstack is not said to restart, while it is not clear to me that components install the installation all in one. Which mode would you recommend to follow? Do you have any suggestions on how I could implement a use case to test and understand the behavior of Keystone?

Thanks a lot