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2019-02-20 02:24:22 -0600 asked a question Instance in compute node cannot get ip from dhcp

Hi all, I have two host. Host A is openstack compute node, controller node and network node, Host B is compute node. I use tacker to create VNF on Host B. I saw on horizon that there is a instance successfully create on Host B. But when I see the console of that instance, it doesn't get ip address from dhcp server. I don't know where I did wrong.

Thanks for your answer.

2018-11-26 11:12:58 -0600 asked a question Open MANO to deploy SFC

I wonder besides tacker from openstack which open MANO supported deploy instances and service function chain (SFC) in Openstack?

I have tried OSM, but it seems that they are working on some problems.

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2018-09-17 09:38:20 -0600 asked a question VM in different PM can't ping each other

Hi All, I set up 3 vms in different pm using the following command "nova boot --nic net-id=xxxxx --flavor=xxx --image=xxxx vm-name". And the subnet of both vms are the same (vm1: vm2: vm3: vm1 and vm3 are in controller node, and vm2 is in compute node. Two node is connected through an ethernet switch.

When I log in to vm2, it cannot get the ip address through dhcp server. So I assign the ip address manually. Neither vm1 can ping vm2 nor vm2 can ping vm1. But vm1 can ping vm3. And all of the vm cannot access the outside internet. Can anyone give me some advice? Thank you.