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2018-12-27 10:21:10 -0500 commented question dashboard-openstack

Make sure the libapache2-mod-wsgi package has been uninstalled or upgraded to libapache2-mod-wsgi-py3. I believe that is the problem.

2018-12-19 11:01:55 -0500 commented question ceilometer problem

What version of OpenStack are you using?

2018-12-19 10:59:15 -0500 answered a question OpenStack Rocky - gnocchi-upgrade Failed

This error occurs because this file oslo_config/ does not get "opt" correctly from function _check_required_opts .

I have corrected this error using:

sudo chmod 777 /etc/gnocchi/*

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2018-11-26 09:21:11 -0500 commented question Openstack-ansible

I believe this error is because you forgot some tag in the multinode file. Run deploy with --debug to get more details about this problem.

2018-11-26 09:19:27 -0500 commented question Tacker Installation Error

Which version of OpenStack or DevStack are you installing? I have already installed several releases and they are all working.

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2018-11-14 11:46:18 -0500 asked a question Enable metrics CPU Utilization in OpenStack Master (Stein)

In new release OpenStack Stein the transformation of data is no more the responsability of Ceilometer(cpu_util,, network.incoming.bytes.rate, ...)

According to the latest github commit of the Ceilometer, the gnocchi is responsible for these transformations. How do I configure them in gnocchi? I did not find any material explaining how to solve this problem.


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2018-10-30 11:17:18 -0500 answered a question What OpenStack services are needed to use it as hypervisor

You can use the (OpenStack Ansible) or (OpenStack Kolla Ansible) project. These projects automate your installation of OpenStack services.

You will need the basic modules (Keystone, Glance, Neutron and Nova) for your setup.

2018-10-30 11:12:20 -0500 commented question Unable to access horizon

Have you disabled the FirewallD and SElinux packages? These packages usually block the display of the Dashboard.

2018-10-11 11:44:41 -0500 answered a question ubuntu 18.04 rocky nova-compute cannot install unmet dependencies

Have you added cloud archive to your operating system?? (

2018-07-23 12:12:20 -0500 answered a question Python SDK: How to use Ceilometer ?

I used the gnocchi-api with the shade. I believe it does not have python SDK for Ceilometer.

2018-06-30 12:05:20 -0500 commented question Network node for Queens

Are you using LinuxBridge or OVS in neutron module? The only documentation I know of that has separate installation of the network node is the installation with OVS. (

2018-06-15 09:44:15 -0500 commented question DevStack Tacker installation fail

I recommend installing the Queens version. The master version (Rock) is still under development and can present many problems.

2018-06-07 10:16:28 -0500 asked a question Enable ryu driver on Openstack Queens multi-node


I manually installed the Openstack Multi node Queens version with OVS, following the tutorial below: (

How do I configure openvswitch_agent to work with the RYU controller?

I saw on github Neutron module that you can enable ryu driver, but I'm unsure of how to do this.


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2018-06-06 15:52:36 -0500 asked a question Get meters SDN with Ceilometer and gnocchi Openstack Queens

Hello, I made a installation of the Openstack Queens Multi-node with (OVS). My setup has 3 nodes: one controller node, one network node and one compute node.

How do I configure ceilometer to get the metrics SDN controllers(switch.port.receive.bytes, switch.port.transmit.bytes)?

The (tutorial) only tells me that "These meters are available for OpenFlow based switches. In order to enable these meters, each driver needs to be properly configured."


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2018-05-04 13:57:13 -0500 commented answer how to enable hardware metrics on gnocchi

Hi mkhan. In version Openstack Pike there is a bug with meters SNMP. Please fix this. Link: ( Update the configuration file according to the commit of the link and restart all services ceilometer.

2018-05-03 15:02:58 -0500 commented answer Authentication gnocchi api is not working

Thanks. Now, I can authenticate correctly :)

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2018-04-29 13:22:19 -0500 commented question I have something wrong about installing keystone.

Check the OpenStack client environment (scripts) . You must have entered some wrong field in this script.

2018-04-29 13:17:50 -0500 commented question openstack image list very slow in pike

This error occurred to me too. I had to reinstall the Openstack Multi node version Pike to fix this problem.

2018-04-29 13:13:56 -0500 commented question devstack no install pike

For the community to help you is necessary to have more details. Please enter more details of the error.

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2018-04-27 14:19:51 -0500 asked a question Authentication gnocchi api is not working

I am developing an app which uses Gnocchi to collect some measures on OpenStack Pike. I intend to use the (gnocchi-api), but it is not clear how should I configure the environment to successfully authenticate. The code below is presented in the gnocchi-api docs and show how to authenticate using keystone.

from keystoneauth1 import loading
conf = cfg.ConfigOpts()
auth_plugin = loading.load_auth_from_conf_options(conf, "gnocchi_credentials")
gnocchi = client.Client(session_options={'auth': auth_plugin})

The problem come from the "conf" object: I have no info about what it is (a dictionary?), which data it carries and how to set proper auth info (username, password, project)... I appreciate any help on that!

2018-04-17 16:11:52 -0500 commented question gnocchi resource list has only type instance, instance_network_interface

What metric do you catch? Depending on the metric the configuration is different.

2018-04-17 14:47:52 -0500 commented question Openstack Pike Gnocchi Api Returns Empty List

The gnocchi is getting the meters correctly? The gnocchi-api who you describe works into the Openstack Client or in other machine?

2018-04-13 21:30:46 -0500 commented question Error while creating VNF on tacker. Request Failed: internal server error while processing your request

What is the version devstack?

2018-04-09 14:35:53 -0500 commented question How to use Grafana with Gnocchi?

Hi M.Pav, i remade the installation today. It worked (fine). I installed the same in my tutorial that I sent you. Sorry, I can not help with your installation errors.

2018-04-07 11:21:23 -0500 commented question How to use Grafana with Gnocchi?

Have you installed Devstack Pike or another version? Depending on the version installed, the graphfana data source settings are different.

2018-04-04 15:57:15 -0500 commented answer how to enable hardware metrics on gnocchi

I suggest you use the MIB Browser software and verify that it is necessary to use new MIBs and verify that the metrics are set up correctly. You perform a GET on your computer to verify that it has been configured correctly.

2018-04-04 15:25:56 -0500 commented question How to use Grafana with Gnocchi?

To access grafana you need to enter your IP with port 3000 (http: // your_IP: 3000). In my gitHub you have the steps for installing Devstack Pike (GitHub) and acessing grafana.

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2018-03-23 12:37:55 -0500 edited answer how to enable hardware metrics on gnocchi

This configuration is for Openstack Multi node with module Ceilometer and gnocchi. The configurations file are in pastebin.

Controller Configurations

Configure /etc/ceilometer/polling.yaml( and insert your resources compute snmp.

Configure /etc/ceilometer/pipeline.yaml( and insert your resources compute snmp .

Install the snmp manager and snmp-mibs-downloader:
 - sudo apt install snmp
 - sudo apt install snmp-mibs-downloader
 In /etc/snmp/snmp.conf comment the last line

Compute Configurations

Install the snmpd agent:
 - sudo apt install snmpd

Configure the file /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf( and enable the MIBS used for in your project.