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I am now building Openstack newton on CentOs 7, using official Documentation ( (

I failed when wanting to launch this commande : openstack project create --domain default --description "Service Project" service I had a same error "The request you have made requires authentication. (HTTP 401)l"

For troobleshooting, what i did :

  • I uncommented the line "admin_token = <none>" under section [DEFAULT] of /etc/keystone/keystone.conf.
  • I relauched these command :
    • /bin/sh -c "keystone-manage db_sync" keystone (without su - because I'm root user (warning), after that, please connect to the database and check if all keystones tables are created)
    • keystone-manage fernet_setup --keystone-user keystone --keystone-group keystone
    • keystone-manage credential_setup --keystone-user keystone --keystone-group keystone
    • keystone-manage bootstrap --bootstrap-password ADMIN_PASS --bootstrap-admin-url http://controller:35357/v3/ --bootstrap-internal-url http://controller:35357/v3/ --bootstrap-public-url http://controller:5000/v3/ --bootstrap-region-id RegionOne

After relauching openstack command, everything seems to work fine.

P.S : I don't know what are the repercussion of these manip, but actually, it seems to work fine for me. Maybe it could help someone.