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2017-09-17 21:25:15 -0500 answered a question install openstack on usb drive

Dear Praveen,

I'm planning to install openstack on usb drive as well, do you have a good experience on that? do you recommend it? Did you have any problem with your own installation? Disk space limitation, IO limitation, usb drive wearing out too fast...? anything?

Thanks, Khodayar

2017-09-17 21:25:15 -0500 asked a question Node OS Disk req.

Hi everybody,

I'm going to deploy a 30 node openstack on Ubuntu 16.04.3 hosts, I want to install OS on a 32GB usb flash disk. Does anyone have a similar config or experience, to install openstack nodes on a usb flash disk? Is 32GB enough for OS? Should I consider IO capacity of the flash disk or any other spec.?

I would appreciate any suggestion.

Thanks Khodayar