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2017-07-27 13:18:47 -0500 answered a question unable to create new image

This is a few years late - but I wanted to share my experience:

I was having a similar issue in Packstack for the Ocata release working through the Horizon interface - _member_ user could not create an image. Project-level admin and Cloud-level admin could create the image successfully, though. I shared the same suspicion as the original poster - this is a permissions issue, but I could not find any hints in the logs.

Based on dbaxps's comment, I retried as the _member_ user, but this time with the visibility set to "Private" - this worked. It appears the issue is that the _member_ user cannot create public images. This may be by design, as the _member_ user can create a network, but cannot make it external - only the admin-level users can do this.