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2018-06-09 07:58:27 -0500 asked a question Ceph and erasure coding

Can you change the ceph backend from replication to erasure coding right AFTER you have installed openstack? I am using the Openstack-on-lxd instructions to get an environment up and running on a VM and do not want or need replication mode on ceph. In order to reduce the storage footprint in the VM, I want to use erasure coding so that ceph acts more like RAID. I will manage data recovery via VM snapshots.

I am not certain of the proper approach to take as I don't see how to configure erasure coding on ceph as part of any of the openstack install bundles, i.e. openstack-on-lxd, openstack install with conjure-up, openstack install via ansible, etc. I want to make sure I can install openstack, change the ceph config to use erasure coding, reboot the whole thing and not have openstack break.

Do I have to install openstack one service at a time to get this config to work?

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2018-04-26 16:59:50 -0500 asked a question Openstack On LXD - Cannot import images.

Not sure what is going on but every image I try to import ultimately gets into a "queued" status. I have tried to import using Horizon and from the CLI. I have the images on the Host with 777 permissions. The import never completes and I get a 500 error from the glance image service on the CLI.

I suspect it might have something to do with the mysql database but I cannot check it as the conjure-up install seems to create encrypted passwords that I cannot seen to get to them so that I can log onto the mysql instance and check the db config. Not a lot of info out there on how to debug this but I think something in the install from Ubuntu isn't quite complete.

Any pointers would be helpful. I have been banging my head around getting a working environment for weeks. I hope I don't have to drop back and rebuild this entire thing again for the umpteenth time. Trying to learn how to admin openstack instead becoming an openstack install guru.

2017-06-11 22:08:00 -0500 asked a question Can you run continers and VM's simultainously on an AIO install

Greg Zavertnik 2:10 PM Sent from OpenStack St. Louis Hello. I am trying to find an OpenStack expert to answer some basics questions I have. I need to build an AIO implementation that can run both docker containers and VM's simultaneously. I found a link to a hack that allows this to work, (, but it is old and infers that the capability may be already folded into OpenStack or something to do with filters can make it work. Also, this capability can be accomplished in Proxmox, ( I did see posts that said it cannot be done but it seems obvious that it can and that this hybrib/mixed workload is a real world need. Can anyone point me to how this can be done? The hack infers that a custom scheduling filter might be needed so that it all works. Over my head here but willing to dive in if I can find where to look.