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2019-06-05 00:37:28 -0500 commented question How to configure openstack (nova and cinder) to use LUNs from SAN ?

what is the vendor name of your SAN device? Do you have admin access to your Storage system (SAN)? what version of openstack do you have?

2018-12-29 11:32:36 -0500 commented question nova wrongly reports negative disk space

Free space in nova calculate like this: amount of GB your Disks are subscribed (not how they actually consumed)

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2018-06-23 23:52:37 -0500 commented answer How to install LBaaS v 2.0 dashboard panels in Horizon (Packstack installation)

I got the same, but when I used this address " /usr/share/openstack-dashboard/ " instead, it's worked fine

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2017-06-21 01:00:20 -0500 commented question MariaDB Galera issue: (OperationalError) (1047, 'WSREP has not yet prepared node for application use')

It seems you have connection problem between two Controller nodes. You can use this guide for your environment:

2017-05-24 21:26:35 -0500 answered a question options for user_enabled_attribute in keystone configuration

HI jared

if ApacheDS LDAP does not have your attribute (useraccountcontrol) use another one, LIKE "employeeType"

you can fill "employeeType" attribute in LDAP by 0 OR 1 for enabling OR disabling a user, and in your keystone.conf you should change user_enabled_attribute like this:

user_enabled_attribute = employeeType