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2018-10-22 01:17:56 -0600 answered a question Getting 500 internal server error while accessing horizon dashboard in ubuntu icehouse

If you would do cat /etc/passwd that should show this


In my case it was set incorrectly and hence fixed it like this

root@ozt:/var/lib/openstack-dashboard# chown horizon:horizon secret_key root@ozt:/var/lib/openstack-dashboard# service apache2 restart

2018-09-19 13:29:34 -0600 commented answer after insalling devstack http://server-ip:5000 not accessible

Agreed but how do we fix this error. Still see the issue and have tried all the workaround apart from the one to use Newton. Want this to be up and running with Ubuntu 16.04 and queens but no luck.

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Hope that you have nested virt enabled on the respective VM?

Regards, -Amit

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for reverting back. It seems there was an issue when a user was able to add 10K AAP entries. Please see here (

This then lead to this ( which thus resulted in the default value coming down to 10. For sure this can be played with and will check how it goes.

Thanks for reverting back though.

Regards, -Amit

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Hi There,

AAP limit as in IPv4 interface type is 10. If LBaaS were to be used and VIP's have to be placed then does the AAP limit of 10 hold true for accumulative interface type v4+v6+v4v6 as 10 or is it 10 per interface type?

Regards, -Amit

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Hi Bernd,

I see this

[Thu May 04 19:03:31.405454 2017] [wsgi:error] [pid 13069:tid 140516183500544] WARNING:root:The setting HORIZON_IMAGES_ALLOW_UPLOAD is deprecated in Newton and will be removed in P release. Use the setting HORIZON_IMAGES_UPLOAD_MODE instead. [Thu May 04 19:03:46.835444 2017]

2017-05-04 22:17:48 -0600 asked a question Image, Network Topology with Ubuntu 16.04.2 dont show up in OpenStack Newton


Is this a known issue with OpenStack Newton that image, network topology don't show up in OpenStack Newton release? Have tried image upload flag set to true and made other changes in some other posts as well but to no avail.

Can we use the dashboard from another OpenStack release whilst other components are from Newton?

Need to fix the dashboard problem pretty quickly and would appreciate any pointers on the same.

Regards, -Amit

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Hi Laurent,

Could you kindly share how did you achieve that? I have run into the same issue as well.

Regards, -Amit