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2019-07-26 16:23:17 -0500 answered a question Error: The resource could not be found. (HTTP 404)

Please source the correct openrc file, it should be the latest version (the version of keystone running)

2017-03-23 23:44:59 -0500 answered a question Help creating a Heat Template - no Floating IP

hey, the idea you mentioned above seems fine :) you may automate or have a script for creating the instance as well.

2017-03-23 23:44:59 -0500 answered a question ERROR:openstack admin endpoint for identity service in XXX region not found

Did you source the openrc file and also check the openrc file, if 'export OS_AUTH_URL' is mentioned correctly.

2017-03-23 23:44:58 -0500 answered a question Do you have any idea about Snappy Backup and restore ?

snappy is a backup program for managing rsync based snapshots.

To get more information, check this: