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2017-03-07 02:11:05 -0600 asked a question devstack and openbaton integration

Hi all, we are configuring openbaton on top of openstack.

We have installed devstack and openbaton on the same VM, with ubuntu 14.04.

Both openbaton and openstack dashboards look fine, so we think we have installed both products in the right way. Now we are trying to integrate openstack and openbaton for working together.

When we try to create a new VIM instance, in order to try to link openbaton with openstack, we get back the following error: Not listed Images successfully of VimInstance test. Caused by: org.openbaton.exceptions.VimDriverException: Unauthorized Code: 422

Below you can also find the configuration params for openbaton VIM instance (getting us the error above)

  • PoP Name: test
  • URL: http://localhost:5000/v2.0 (please note that we have checked the URL from devstack dashboard)
  • Tenant: demo (please note that we have checked the value from devstack dashboard)
  • Username: demo Password: ***
  • Type: openstack Key Pair: ????? which value should we set here? ????

Pkease ask us if you need some details. Thanks in advance and reagards.