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The CPU flags do not match --- you need to use the cpu-mode and cpu-model configs for nova-compute.

\this worked for me. in /etc.nova/nova.conf cpu-mode -- custom # think it might actually be cpu_mode and and cpu_model cpu -model kvm64

if using juju juju config nova-compute cpu-mode='custom' juju config nova-compute cpu-model='kvm64'

Also- you will need to restart the nova-compute service after.

2018-02-07 08:35:21 -0600 commented answer Which method to deploy openstack? Manually vs Ansible Vs Autopilot Vs Fuel

The first key point to consider is what "Production" means to you. If it is your corporate backbone on which the entire business runs then you need a supported install from one of the big players.

2018-02-07 08:15:54 -0600 answered a question Which method to deploy openstack? Manually vs Ansible Vs Autopilot Vs Fuel

If you are using ubuntu 16.04 anyway and you want to go with an self supported model then you might as well give MAAS and juju a try - it is actually quite easy and quick. (Using a juju bundle, not Autopilot) You can adapt the Openstack bundle on the juju store to your specific needs-- take out what you don't need, change the options to match your environment- change the placing of the individual services to one central controller instead of spreading them out across the entire environment. you will require one server to host MAAS and the juju-deployer vm , 1 server for a controller, and then your hosts.

However, for a production cloud, you likely want a supported version from a reputable openstack provider, otherwise you are on your own for all problems.

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as a point of comparision-- our cluster has a similar use to what you need-- the controller has mysql, glance, nova-controller, neutron, horizon--- our compute nodes run nova-compute only --- storage is on an external RAID array that is backed up --- data is accessed by CIFS or NFS mounts.

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your best bet is to use the guide and do a manual deployment- then redo it and script the process. Best also to understand what exactly your users will want and need. Determine how to handle and protect student data and what you need on your cluster will become easier to understand.

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the catch is you have to do it all yourself- no help from canonical unless you pay for it. But it can be done. However, this will not be suitable for your deployment. It requires a deployment server and at least 4 other systems.

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It really depends on your hardware and the services you require. If all you want is a controller and a few compute nodes then the openstack guide can fulfill your needs--- it is easy to script a simple controller and compute setup --- if you don't really need cinder and swift and any of the other services then don't deploy them.

We use openstack as a research cluster - vms are deployed for short periods of times, then deleted- no need to backup data- if it fails we rebuild it all. Our CS department uses openstack in a similar manner to your needs- for student labs - and they used the openstack guide. Seems to be ok. (They are at kilo -- newton is far easier to script)

if your hardware can handle it you could also use ubuntu MAAS, JUJU to deploy openstack. Visit the juju store and have a look at their bundles-- you would likely want to simplify it. It looks a bit complicated at first but it is really quite simple. I have done this with a single controller and 14 compute nodes.

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