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2016-12-20 03:51:57 -0600 asked a question why i am getting empty image in server details while calling compute api?

when i am calling in compute server details using openstack CLI is given all server details but image datils is given empty

API Calling :

curl -s   -H "X-Auth-Token: token"   http://ipaddress:8774/v2.1/servers/a4f503ce-a7f6-441c-abce-a5d195181968 | python -mjson.tool

Response :

t_destinations\n    return self.queryclient.select_destinations(context, spec_obj)\n  File \"/opt/stack/nova/nova/scheduler/client/\", line 37, in __run_method\n    return getattr(self.instance, __name)(*args, **kwargs)\n  File \"/opt/stack/nova/nova/scheduler/client/\", line 32, in select_destinations\n    return self.scheduler_rpcapi.select_destinations(context, spec_obj)\n  File \"/opt/stack/nova/nova/scheduler/\", line 127, in select_destinations\n    return, 'select_destinations', **msg_args)\n  File \"/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/oslo_messaging/rpc/\", line 169, in call\n    retry=self.retry)\n  File \"/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/oslo_messaging/\", line 97, in _send\n    timeout=timeout, retry=retry)\n  File \"/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/oslo_messaging/_drivers/\", line 458, in send\n    retry=retry)\n  File \"/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/oslo_messaging/_drivers/\", line 449, in _send\n    raise result\n",
            "message": "No valid host was found. There are not enough hosts available."
         "flavor": {
            "id": "1",
            "links": [
                    "href": "http://ipaddress:8774/flavors/1",
                    "rel": "bookmark"
        "hostId": "",
        "id": "a4f503ce-a7f6-441c-abce-a5d195181968",

"image": ""

        "key_name": null,
        "links": [
                "href": "http://ipaddress8774/v2.1/servers/a4f503ce-a7f6-441c-abce-a5d195181968",
                "rel": "self"
                "href": "http://ipaddress:8774/servers/a4f503ce-a7f6-441c-abce-a5d195181968",
                "rel": "bookmark"
        "metadata": {},
        "name": "locuz-firstvolume",
        "os-extended-volumes:volumes_attached": [],
        "status": "ERROR",
        "tenant_id": "8289d8d34ee446b98dd84081e9163341",
        "updated": "2016-12-20T09:20:47Z",
        "user_id": "f039a36712594e84bb247e4bed259a43"

please explain why is showing image empty details .

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2016-12-15 02:48:29 -0600 asked a question How to write custom angularjs in horizon?

I want to apply devstack horizon form validations using anugularjs but my dought is which file can i use to write my custom angularjs code, please explain custom angular js file path and workflow.

2016-12-13 07:21:53 -0600 asked a question why openstack compute api calling servers showing empty ?

I was calling openstack compute api response showing empty list but devstack horizon showing servers list one instace

Please explain anyone openstack compute api calling response showing empty list.

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2016-12-09 06:22:17 -0600 asked a question can i change the network template directory path?

I was changed the network template path

actual path : /openstack-dashboard/dashboards/project/networks/templates/networks/_network_ips.html

changed path : /openstack-dashboard/templates/networks/_network_ips.html

Review link :

my changes is working but gerrit review failed ( Jenkins assign -1) why it is failed my gerrit review cloud you please explain.

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2016-12-07 23:49:48 -0600 asked a question way is my gerrit changes not happning in human review

My Gerrit bug changes not human reviewing but Jenkins reviewed and assign to +1 why is not human reviews in this gerrit changes please explain

gerrit review link :

2016-12-03 03:28:44 -0600 asked a question how to write custom css file in horizon ?

while installing devstack i could see .css file automatically generated, here is the location "/opt/stack/horizon/static/dashboard/css/f92caf9dc2d6.css" appresiate if could let me know the process of generating this dynamic css file .

i would like to write custom css file , can anyone let me know the process where i can write.