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2016-11-24 16:39:04 -0500 asked a question LVMolumeDriver -3.0.0 (config name lvmdriver-1) driver is uninitialized.

I am newbie to openstack.I started working on cloudlets,an openstack extension project. When I tried to execute ./ I experienced an error as follows.

WARNING cinder.volume.manager [req-857e6c72-9d99-4dec-8a41-016ebe935b53 None None] Unable to update stats, LVMVolumeDriver -3.0.0 (config name lvmdriver-1) driver is uninitialized.

In fact I followed the instruction given in this link( to install openstack using devstack.

Please find the screenshot in this link( since I am not able to attach image here. I have tried many solutions related to this question.But nothing has worked out. Please help me as I have been trying to fix the problem for the last three days.