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2017-02-15 13:09:15 -0500 commented question how do I configure mitaka to support jumbo frames

Hi did you resolve this issue after all? I'm running into the same issue.....Thx.

2016-11-29 13:37:03 -0500 commented answer how to subscribe to those keystone events?

Hi thx for the info. I can get the notifications now! But it seems that the keystone notifications are delivered in a round-robin fashion across all the registered consumers. So in my testing my callback is not always invoked....Is there a way to always get those notifications then?

2016-11-28 15:42:45 -0500 received badge  Popular Question (source)
2016-11-23 11:31:58 -0500 asked a question how to subscribe to those keystone events?


I'm actually only interested in the tenant update event which was specified here: (

But this link doesn't mention which topic I should subscribe to.....Can somebody provide that info or share the working sample code then?