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2017-06-22 09:04:34 -0500 asked a question Routing self-service networks via 'master' router?

Dear OpenStack community,

I have a local provider network, and it works fine, I have a self-service network using this provider network with linuxbridge, it works fine, I can also ping the router of this self-service network. I want to use floating ips for external (public/internet) access only, and want direct access to the self-service networks from our company lan.

Now, my local provider network is, and the self-service network is, its router is in the provider network. I can ping the router with no problems in the company lan, but I can't ping any instances in the self-service network which is to be expected. When i add a static route to route via, everything works perfectly. However, with multiple projects and self-service networks, adding those static routes can be a pain.

So I wanted to ask if it is possible to create a single 'master' router which i can route to. This router then would automatically continue routing to the self-service routers for networks like,, and so on.

Is this possible, and if so, how? I am a bit confused by the documentation...

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2017-03-17 10:37:17 -0500 asked a question Neutron additional Interface for Instances

Hello OpenStack community,

We have a little OpenStack cluster consisting of 1 controller and 1 compute instance. Now I connected a 10G ethernet SolidFire box to compute01, which is now accessible from compute01, but not from the nova instances running on compute01. So I wanted to ask, how to enable access to this interface on OpenStack instances running on this node? I tried adding a new Flat network using said interface as provider network and adding it to the instances, but to no avail. We are using OpenStack Newton with neutron networking.

Any Ideas on how to do this correctly, am I missing anything? Thanks!

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2016-11-16 06:30:08 -0500 commented answer Force Nova to use Cinder Volumes

Thanks for your reply and insights!

So we will continue like i explained for now, and upgrade to Ocata when it is released next year.

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2016-11-14 09:12:32 -0500 asked a question Force Nova to use Cinder Volumes


We are using Open Stack Newton on a simple setup with 2 servers. As our Compute node has 2 raid partitions, one with 170g and one with 1tb, we are using the 170g one as root drive, and the 1TB one as cinder storage using LVM.

We are booting all Instances from an Image, but use the option to auto-create a volume and boot from it. The problem is, while Nova does not use any storage from our 170g root volume, it does provision it - so now we can't boot any more instances, as the 170gb are "full", while in reality not even 10% is used, as we boot from Volumes.

We can solve this problem by setting all flavours to 0gb root disk, creating a volume from an image manually, and then booting from the image.

This, however, gets tedious quickly, and we would love to continue setting the root disk size in flavors, as well as simply create instances from an image with automatic volume creation.

So I would like to ask, is there any way to force Nova to use Cinder for its root disks, instead of the local storage? Meaning to disable local root volumes altogether, and use Cinder for everything.

Thanks in advance!