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2016-12-07 02:42:31 -0500 commented question ssh fails on VNF Instance

Thanks for the quick reply. I tried the nova show command

nova show VNF_SCALING

for vnf created by tacker but it displays nothing and gives error : No such ID or name present.

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2016-12-06 02:18:54 -0500 asked a question ssh fails on VNF Instance

Hi , I have created a vnf using tacker. I have added a keyname to vnf descriptor for the vnf. However I am unable to ssh VNF from command line ,it gives error : Permission denied[Public Key].I have tried the command :

ssh -i keyname.pem -vvv ubuntu@IP.

If I try to use same key-pair for instance launched from Horizon , ssh works with above command. How do I resolve this issue?

Any help will be appreciated.

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2016-11-30 05:49:00 -0500 commented question Tacker: Autoscaling is not working

Is your alarm working? Check the AODH for alarm .... use command aodh alarm list and see the state of alarm

2016-11-30 04:12:38 -0500 answered a question Tacker Error :Unauthorized

Finally got the solution , Modified tacker.conf .....Added hostname in ceilometer section , username,password,project,url in aodh_alarm section. Service running fine now :)

2016-11-30 00:04:28 -0500 asked a question Unable to add multiple conditions for scaling in Tacker (TOSCA file)

Hi , I have installed openstack nova,neutron,glance,keystone,tacker,ceilometer,aodh for newton version from the official openstack installation site. I am trying to perform scaling and orchestration using tacker,ceilometer,aodh . I am trying to create vnf with scaling condition such that :

i) If cpu utilisation higher than threshold then VNF should scale-out.

ii)if cpu utilisation less than threshold then VNF should scale-in.

For this I have used Tacker's TOSCA scaling template reference. However if I mention the above two conditions in VNF Descriptor , the 2nd condition overwrites condition 1 . I imply this because aodh shows only 1 alarm with 2nd condition. Testing with less CPU utilisation also gave same output. What can I do so that both condition should co-exist in VNF Descriptor and there is no overwriting?

2016-11-22 06:31:30 -0500 asked a question Tacker Error :Unauthorized


We have installed openstack with basic nova,neutron,glance,heat,horizon,keystone services from newton official tutorial . We have also installed tacker,ceilometer,aodh. We have created a scaling policy with tacker which should spawn a new VM when aodh alarm is captured (i.e certain event goes beyond threshold). However when alarm is triggered by Aodh , we get error at tacker server stating :

At An error occurred during processing the request :Request at ......

Unauthorised : The request you have made requires authentication.HTTP 401
2016-11-21 06:18:47 -0500 commented answer Ceilometer a2ensite crashes Apache2

Hi Thanks for the response , tried the curl option again with your mentioned values after getting a new token issued from keystone . But unfortunately no success , gives the same error : The request you made requires authentication ,code=401 , title=UnAuthorized"

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2016-11-14 09:12:32 -0500 asked a question Ceilometer a2ensite crashes Apache2

Hi , I am new to openstack community. I have installed the openstack services on my ubuntu 16.04 using newton manual from openstack install guide . All the services are up and running except for ceilometer and aodh. Ceilometer and aodh give me meter-list and alarm list output properly but otherwise show some problem like following:

When I enable ceilometer on Apache2 using a2ensite command , Apache2 crashes . However when I disable ceilometer , all services are back to normal working .

Also when I try to run curl -i -X GET "Localhost:8777" I get error : "The request you have made requires authentication , code:401 , title: Unauthorized"

How do I solve this error?