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2017-06-28 01:49:16 -0600 commented answer Live Migration failure: internal error: unexpected migration status in cancelling

Hey there, thank you for you reply. FYI I'm using Mitaka, but it looks like it is as you say, nova kills the migration due to some timeout. I will try to improve this by modifying some config parameter as suggested in the page you linked. Best regards

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As far as I can see this is the only error message I have in the libvirtd logs: Nova logs just say that the migration was stuck and so it got aborted:

2017-06-27 04:34:30 -0600 asked a question Live Migration failure: internal error: unexpected migration status in cancelling

Hello everyone,

I'm getting the following error when live migrating instances from an host to another:

Live Migration failure: internal error: unexpected migration status in cancelling

To start the live migration I use the following command:

openstack server migrate --block-migration --disk-overcommit 509aa926-f78e-44fc-b70d-01daaaadddff5 --live --wait

The migration fails randomly, sometimes at 20%, others at 80%... If I execute the migration command multiple times the VM will eventually be migrated.

I've tried to increase the nova log level but the error doesn't get any clearer.

Any ideas on how to get more information on this error or how to solve it?

Thank you and best regards,


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2017-01-30 06:19:32 -0600 asked a question VM loses connectivity when another one is started

Hello everyone,

I have a HA Openstack environment provisioned with Fuel, I've ran Mitaka in a first environment for months without problems. Now I have new hardware and so I'm in the process of building a new Openstack Environment. I've been testing it for the last few days and I get some weird behavior which I cant seem to solve.

This happens as far as I could see randomly, but sometimes when I start a new VM, after a few seconds I get disconnected from the existing ones on which I was working (having an SSH connection open), after the disconnect, I can re-log in without problems. (I've checked the SSH timeout and that's not the cause of the problem).

Neutron logs don't show any anomalies or errors. Same for OVS logs.

Another strange behaviour I've experienced is that once a VM is started with a Floating IP it can connect to the internet and so on but when I want to ping it or ssh to it it does't work, the connection is refused, like if neutron didn't update the firewall entry. As a workaround the VM needs to be rebooted and the Floating IP has to be disassociated and re-associated again.

Has anybody experienced the same problems? Do you have any suggestions on what could be the cause of these problems?

Thank you and best regards,


2017-01-30 06:08:02 -0600 answered a question where to get correct image of ubutnu16.04 image for openstack

Ubuntu provides images for cloud usage, you can find them here

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Thank you for your answer, I was finally able to get the keystone notifications, also I didn't know about the Nova ones you mentioned. I use Ceilometer to get them but probably going to migrate to another tool.

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2016-12-01 09:43:20 -0600 asked a question Monitoring VM creation

Hello everybody,

I'm looking for a way to monitor VM creation by users. More precisely I would like to be informed by e-mail when a User creates a VM or even if a specific user logs into the Openstack Horizon dashboard.

In my current environment I monitor VM creation by using a custom bash script in the Heat Template. But this only works for users who are using templates. I have no way of knowing when a users logs into the Dashboard.

For logging and monitoring I'm using Kibana, Grafana and Nagios. I recently tested Ceilometer but it doesn't look so promising.

Does anybody have a suggestion on how I could achieve this?

Thank you and best regards,


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2016-10-24 09:36:23 -0600 asked a question VM access to existing VLAN


I need to configure OpenStack, to be able to give VMs access to an existing external network which is VLAN tagged.

I have a standard installation of OpenStack Mitaka (using neutron with ovs), with one external network already configured which provides the floating IPs for the VMs.

On each node I have two physical interface configured: one (eth0) not tagged and usef for the PXE boot of new nodes and the other one (eth1) with VLAN tags 32 for storage network and 34 for management, 36 for Piblic and a range from 200-600 for the Private network (tenants).

I tried to follow different tutorials / instructions to achieve my goal, but none of these worked.

I've also looked here for similar questions but none contained a full example, or exactly this case.

So, first of all, is it possible to have the standard floating IP setup and also direct access to external VLANs (let's say vlan 970) from VMs ? And if the answer is yes, how can I set it up? Does anyone have working example or tutorial up to date?

Following the instructions on the different tutorials I linked here above, I'm able to have access to the VLAN from the compute and controller nodes (eth1.970) but the bridging (br-vlan) to the VM part doesn't appear to work. Furthermore, it seems to be a lot different for each OpenStack version, for example: do I need another L3 agent? Should the interface be tagged or the bridge? And what about a router, do I need an additional one?

Thank you for your time and best regards,