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2016-10-12 16:36:46 -0500 asked a question Setup Host KVM with 1 NIC for Openstack


I want to build openstack in one Host, using KVM hypervisor. Currently, the host only has 1 NIC called enp0s31f6 and the host IP is and running on Centos 7.

According to the guide, I would like to make a VM which as 2 subnet IP, lets just said:  as external IP as management IP

currently my plan is to setup 1 controller, 2 compute, and 1 cinder or maybe CEPH host.

I have done some network configuration, but got a problem as described in here:

So, my question is how should the preliminary configuration to setup the host for VM that will be installed openstack on top of it?

I have not done it with openvswitch, but as my understanding, the OVS will be configured in the VM, not the host.

I hope someone can enlightened me on this.