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2016-10-01 06:11:36 -0600 asked a question Domains not listed in horizon / resource usage (ceilometer) issue

Two problems with horizon:

  1. I have two domains configured in my OpenStack environment: 1. default 2. XYZ. XYZ domain is synced with AD where I have sysadmin group. This group has admin role to all domains, as well admin user from default has admin rights on domain XYZ, however in horizon I can see only domain (in Identity/Domains) that I am currently logged into.

  2. The second problem is I think connected to previous one: I've added telemetry to my setup, and I can see that data is fetched into ceilometer, howerver in the Resource Overview I cannot see anything when logged into the dashboard with XYZ domain, but I can see data when logged into default domain.

Both problems are only visible in horizon. In CLI I can see everything as it supposed to be: I can see two domains, and I can see ceilometer data. No matter which domain I will use.

Any ideas?