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2016-08-26 13:18:50 -0500 asked a question Packstack Mitaka and Murano

Hi everyone,

I just installed Packstack Mitaka All-in-one. Now I need to install Murano on this host. I follow this document (http://egonzalez.org/murano-in-rdo-openstack-manual-installation/ (http://egonzalez.org/murano-in-rdo-op...)) but I'm stuck at command :

"cp muranodashboard/local/_50_murano.py /usr/share/openstack-dashboard/openstack_dashboard/enabled/"

After I execute this command, I cannot restart HTTPD anymore and also cannot access to Horizon. Can you please help me?

Thanks, Hoang

2016-08-26 13:18:50 -0500 commented question what's the best method for adding trove to an existing RDO packstack environment?

Hi tic toc, have you enabled Murano by Packstack successfully? I'm using Packstack Mitaka, can you share me the document? Thanks so much!