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2015-03-06 09:34:01 -0500 commented answer where is the password storage in Icehouse Swift?

I don't think Swift used Devauth as default ever.Unless you installed Swift via specific tools instead of from official repository or built by your own.

2015-03-05 03:30:48 -0500 answered a question where is the password storage in Icehouse Swift?
  1. Default auth middleware suppose to be "TempAuth" .


    pipeline = catch_errors healthcheck cache ratelimit tempauth proxy-server

  2. The account/username/password of TempAuth is been write in the proxy-server.conf directly.


2015-02-24 06:17:17 -0500 commented answer 503 Internal Server Error

Can you enable the firewall and dump the rules ? It might help to document about this. Thanks

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2014-05-22 06:09:48 -0500 asked a question Is it possible to run hlinux on VirtualBox ?

Hi folks,

Is it possible to boot hlinux in virtualbox on my laptop??? I would like to have some tests on hlinux box.

  1. How to extract it from HP helion distribution ?
  2. Is there anywhere to download the hlinux ??

Thanks // Hugo

2014-03-17 03:49:32 -0500 commented question openstack swift small objects put performance

How many disks on a single node?

2014-03-17 03:43:37 -0500 answered a question How do I "push" or "repush" a swift ring?

The push or re-push rings can't be done by Swift command. Administrator need to dispatch the new balanced rings to all nodes within the cluster by some ways.

  1. Manually by scp
  2. Other dispatch solution
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2014-01-29 07:00:52 -0500 commented question Swift data migration from essex to havana

Hi @fga ,

you can upgrade directly. The old ring is compatible with new Swift version.

2014-01-29 04:52:07 -0500 commented question can i use ssd caching with swift object storage?

Hi , What's your purpose to cace object in this way ? For higher read performance on hot data ?

2014-01-27 01:23:21 -0500 commented question error make swift

Hi Rizka, I looks like the problem on your Swift instead Keystone. What's the owner of your Swift disks mount point ? is it set to swift.swift ?

2014-01-08 04:20:32 -0500 commented question Installing Swift Single Node

Hi , Please check the owner of swift object-replicator process via $ps aux And then make sure the user has permission to access /var/cache/swift/object.recon. Hope it help

2013-11-13 22:05:04 -0500 commented question openstack swift deployment model for read intensive environment

Could you have more detail about your case? * How's the average size of each object * The *Read intensive* means read same object or different objects concurrently ? The bottle-neck will appear on proxy either storage drives counts. You need a to have base environment to measure the performance of the kind of deployment. And them scale out to cross the bottle-neck.

2013-09-26 06:03:56 -0500 commented question Swift [Errno -5] No address associated with hostname

Please using curl to retrieve the authentication information from keystone of user.

2013-09-26 06:01:35 -0500 commented question swift Account Head Failed

Can I have your proxy configuration? What's the value of # allow_account_management = false # account_autocreate = false in your proxy server ?

2013-09-26 05:59:29 -0500 commented question swift Account Head Failed

Please provide the log message... $> grep AUTH_372513a90f05 $swift_log_file on all node.

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2013-04-01 05:01:59 -0500 answered a question I am setting up swift with 2 VMs

1) What's your expectation of swift to put object into drives? 2) Could you please paste the content of your builder file on? 3) Why do you run four storage nodes on a VM? Is that b/c the SAIO document ?

In my opinion, you can run 1 storage node in a VM with multiple workers and obtain 4 disks.