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2013-10-28 04:17:33 -0500 commented answer How to Upgrade OpenStack from "Grizzly" to "Havana" ?

Hi DanielS, thanks a lot for your answer. I´ve been trying to do the Upgrade by following the "havana Release Notes" but no success. I have had a lot of errors in the Dashboard, some of the Services etc ... so I have decided to install "havana" from scratch. I´ll keep you posted about my findings. Thanks a lot.

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Hi Smaffulli.

Thanks a lot for your answer. I´ll follow the guides to upgrade my OpenStack.


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2013-10-18 05:38:06 -0500 asked a question How to Upgrade OpenStack from "Grizzly" to "Havana" ?

Hi all.

I just installed recently OpenStack "Grizzly" on Ubuntu Server. It is up and running.

I just seen OpenStack "Havana" has been released.

Is it posible to upgrade my existing OpenStack "Grizzly" to OpenStack "Havana" or do I have to install "Havana" from scratch ?

If it is possible, What do I have to do ? Do I have to install only the new modules on "Havana" (Heat, Metering ...)

Thanks a lot in advance.