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2015-03-17 13:23:23 -0600 commented answer openstack 'Namespace' object has no attribute 'os_auth_type' - devstack icehouse on Cent OS 6.5

worked well once I installedpip install python-openstackclient==1.0.1 did not work with 1.0.3

2015-02-13 13:17:11 -0600 commented answer How to reset incorrect quota count?

I don't know where Icehouse Note came from, but right now I still see the following code there:

        elif user_usages[resource].in_use < 0:
            # Negative in_use count indicates a desync, so try to
            # heal from that...
            refresh = True
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2015-01-09 18:36:11 -0600 answered a question Failed to notify nova on events

Just solved:

  1. Make sure you have the following 2 lines in nova-api policy.json "compute_extension:os-server-external-events:create": "rule:admin_api", "compute_extension:v3:os-server-external-events:create": "rule:admin_api",
  2. Make sure you specifying tenant ID, not tenant name!: nova_admin_tenant_id = 666ff4ddedf24d7bb9a9da11df72b666
2015-01-09 18:22:03 -0600 commented question Failed to notify nova on events

We seeing same issue on Icehouse :( Nothing helps except turning off callback wait in nova.conf. Credentials are fine (it's unauthorized, not un-authenticated). Maybe some

2014-08-08 14:10:08 -0600 commented answer How do you configure glance to allow snapshots but not image creation?

"Hi! Thanks for the answer. "by using the Compute API directly" - you mean nova REST API? I tried to create a snapshot through horizon (OS Havana) and it shows unauthorized. I see that it goes through Nova API as expected, but Nova API seems to be using user's creds, instead of it's own, and therefore unauthorized.

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