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2016-07-04 08:54:34 -0500 asked a question Failed to connect mongodb server
 arjan@controller:~$ mongo
MongoDB shell version: 2.4.9
connecting to: test
Mon Jul  4 06:17:02.603 Error: couldn't connect to server at src/mongo/shell/mongo.js:145
exception: connect failed

I cannot connect to mongo database to install telemetry services

I have tried the following: stop the mongodb service deleting /var/lib/mongodb/mongodb.lock then repairing the database by mongod --repair and then start the mongodb service again

It didn't work the mongodb.lock file appears any how.

Please help

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2016-06-04 09:42:08 -0500 commented answer unable to connect to controller:9696/extensions

okay I reconfigured the whole thing and still I am getting the same issue please help Let me know if you need any more outputs of this

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Going further I tried stopping the firewall sysv-rc-conf --level 2345 ufw off and rebooted both the servers controller and compute but still no luck

2016-06-03 01:20:02 -0500 commented answer unable to connect to controller:9696/extensions

The 9696 port doesn't seem to be open

I have pasted the output in text files kindly check them on my google drive link mentioned here. (athaang drive folder)

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2016-06-02 02:00:46 -0500 asked a question unable to connect to controller:9696/extensions

The neutron server has went into some errors when installing. When I try to check the output of neutron ext-list, it is unable to connect to the controller following is the error. $ source $ neutron ext-list Unable to establish connection to http://controller1:9696/v2.0/extensions.json (http://controller1:9696/v2.0/extensio...)

Can someone please tell me what is wrong what am I missing?

2016-04-27 00:52:47 -0500 commented answer How change password mysql

Just hit enter leaving it blank

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2016-04-25 23:25:16 -0500 answered a question How change password mysql

I am not sure if this will work, but as the mariadb server gave error (using password: NO) you must first enter the root user and create a password for the same.

$ MySQL -u root

This shouldn't ask for password but if it does try leaving it blank. You should be into the root MySQL user


Try the following commands to change password:

update user set password=PASSWORD("NEWPASSWORD") where User='root';

SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('MyNewPass');

Note: 'MyNewPass' should be your password in plain text.

2016-04-25 23:10:20 -0500 asked a question Upgrade Juno to Mitaka, possible?

Is direct upgrade from Juno to Mitaka possible? What documentations should be referred for that?

2016-04-25 12:15:24 -0500 asked a question How to manage huge backups before upgrade?

I want to know the recommended method to manage backups before upgrade to next release. Is it required to allocate additional storage space for backups prior to upgrade? Or just the regular backups are enough? Which doc to be referred for backup and backup restore?