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2016-03-21 06:27:09 -0600 commented answer how to use ceilometer alarm to monitor fip create

Txs for the answer, I use kilo. I agree that event is better, but that is not support event alarm. I checked log file under ceilometer, when create fip, no logs about fip can be seen. I doubt fip meter is not defined in my setup. But from what I got in wiki, networking meter are exist by default.

2016-03-18 12:14:33 -0600 answered a question How to add meters to Ceilometer

Hi, I got some info about add meter in wiki: ( In meter definition section, it says that: The Telemetry service collects a subset of the meters by filtering notifications emitted by other OpenStack services. Starting with the Liberty release, you can find the meter definitions in a separate configuration file, called ceilometer/meter/data/meter.yaml. This enables operators/administrators to add new meters to Telemetry project by updating the meter.yaml file without any need for additional code changes. Wish this can give some help

2016-03-18 12:14:33 -0600 asked a question how to use ceilometer alarm to monitor fip create

I know how to monitor cpu usage, command like below: ceilometer alarm-threshold-create --name alarm-name --description alarm-desc --meter-name cpu.util --threshold 10 --comparison-operator gt --statistic avg --period 600 --evaluation-periods 1 This means monitor cpu.util in one period(600s), if cpu usage larger than 10%, alarm is triggerd, and this command works in my setup.

Now I want to monitor floating ip creating, once create a fip, alarm will be triggered, I use the command like below: ceilometer alarm-threshold-create --name alarm_name --description alarm_desc --meter-name ip.floating.create --threshold 1 --comparison-operator gt --statistic avg --period 600 --evaluation-periods 1 But this command is not working in my setup, I have following questions: 1. Is my command correct or not, the --statistic here, supported are ['max', 'min', 'avg', 'sum', 'count'], should I use count or ave is also OK, avg seems not reasonable for fip creating. Also I tried count, still not working in my setup. 2. event is disalbed in my setup(in configure file, store_event is set to false), must I enable store_event if I want to monitor fip create. 3. Any suggestion will be helpful, also I checked in wiki, only give an example of cpu_util, no much about others, any uesful link will also be great

2016-03-18 12:14:33 -0600 asked a question how to create a alarm to monitor fip creation

I know how to create a alarm base on cpu_util, command like below: ceilometer alarm-threshold-create --name alarm-name --description alam-des --meter-name cpu.util --threshold 50 --comparison-operator gt --statistic avg --period 600 --evaluation-periods 1 This means to check cpu usage in 1 periods(600s), if >50%, alarm triggered.

But if I want to create a alarm to monitor fip/instance creation, how should I do, what's the command should be, I tired command like this, but seems not working: ceilometer alarm-threshold-create --name alarm_name --description alarm_desc --meter-name ip.floating --period 600 --evaluation-periods 1 --statistic sum --comparison-operator ge --threshold 1 so what the --statistic param should be, opotions are ['max', 'min', 'avg', 'sum', 'count'], which one should I use, should I use count instead of sum, also I tired but seems still not working.

In my setup, I disable the event, so only meter is supported.

Any one can give some help infos, or anywhere I can get some infos, I checked the wiki page about ceilometer, but seems only gives a example of cpu_util, no other methioned.