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2014-01-29 05:47:59 -0500 asked a question Swift data migration from essex to havana

Hi all,

I know there are questions like (this) and (this) migration, however what i am focesed is migration data on swift essex cluster to havana cluster. Is it enough to move disk ,where all ring data is written on, and mount it to the new cluster or is there such a big difference in ring mechanism from essex to havana versions,that i have to copy each file via http calls to the new cluster one by one?

Thanks in advance

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2014-01-24 00:34:02 -0500 commented answer What causes swift ring rebalance to change location of container and object data on the disk?

Thank you for the answer, since its was development environment i did not pay attention to partition power and as you said i did recreate with 18. It was a good lesson to me.

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2014-01-23 01:31:13 -0500 asked a question What causes swift ring rebalance to change location of container and object data on the disk?

Hi all,

We are using swift essex version in our development environment. Initially i had a swift cluster with 6 vm nodes with replication factor of 3 in a development environment. Due to disk error on the disk on the server hosting the vms 2 of the nodes went down. I tried to rebalance the rings by removing two corresponding nodes. In some cases request for container returns HTTP 404 meaning container does not exist eventhough request for account list returns that missing container. Then i issued following commands:

sudo swift-get-nodes /etc/swift/account.ring.gz AUTH_2

ssh "ls -lah /srv/node/sdb1/accounts/109606/a6e/6b0984ce96a01d328d6a9219401d0a6e/" ssh "ls -lah /srv/node/sdb1/accounts/109606/a6e/6b0984ce96a01d328d6a9219401d0a6e/" ssh "ls -lah /srv/node/sdb1/accounts/109606/a6e/6b0984ce96a01d328d6a9219401d0a6e/" ssh "ls -lah /srv/node/sdb1/accounts/109606/a6e/6b0984ce96a01d328d6a9219401d0a6e/"

As expected when i issue the command 3 of the servers as the .db file under the corresponding path on the disk.

sudo swift-get-nodes /etc/swift/container.ring.gz AUTH_2 CONTENTS

ssh "ls -lah /srv/node/sdb1/containers/2843/caf/02c6f2a7fedca02d0ed0e8636650ccaf/" ssh "ls -lah /srv/node/sdb1/containers/2843/caf/02c6f2a7fedca02d0ed0e8636650ccaf/" ssh "ls -lah /srv/node/sdb1/containers/2843/caf/02c6f2a7fedca02d0ed0e8636650ccaf/" ssh "ls -lah /srv/node/sdb1/containers/2843/caf/02c6f2a7fedca02d0ed0e8636650ccaf/"

In this case however none of the servers has the dbs file and paths.

Then i tried to grep for CONTENTS in the /srv/node/sdb1/containers and from the result i find that the container db is on the path


As you can see aside from the directory after the 'container' ./caf/02c6f2a7fedca02d0ed0e8636650ccaf/

As per title suggests what causes this path change after swift-ring rebalance?

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2013-11-07 08:18:16 -0500 asked a question openstack swift deployment model for read intensive environment


We are currently trying to make capacity and resource planing for a read intensive environment in which 5000 concurrent connection need to be established. While considering number of servers required for proxy-server and storage-server(account,container and object in the node), we are thinking of making a model with proxy-server count > storage-server count due to possible high load in proxy-server during queries for object and download being streamed from object server to user through proxy-server and in front of proxy-server we will have redundant loadbalancers.

Is this the right approach for having more proxy-servers than storage-servers in deployment model, considering read intensive environment?


Update: For more details our use case clients are downloading the same 250MB archieve file.

2013-10-02 02:52:43 -0500 asked a question swift essex version extending authentication

Hi everyone,

While reading documents of the new version(grizzly) of swift i came acroos the following section about extending authentication here and here.Currently we cannot afford to change version of swift (essex) since it deployment in both our test and product environments.

I could not find wiki pages for the essex version, so i have to ask here. Does essex version support this feature in the same way?