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hi,yprokule. Since not focused on this problem thease days, but i confirmed that some all-in-one systems worked well with pipeline.yaml. So i think you have given the right piont, i will try this later. Thank u very much :)

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The same as condictions2: if pipeline_hash(in def refresh_pipeline() of returns false forever even i change the data of pipeline

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There's some information. It seems there are many conditions before a pipeline reaches the "Class SampleSink", i logged them and i found that: conditions 1: if mtime > pipeline_mtime (i logged that and it returns false forever because mtime always the same even i modied pipeline.yaml)

2016-02-18 08:09:55 -0500 asked a question ceilometer pipeline.SampleSink never works

hi , I have recentlly worked on ceilometer in Liberty.
When i use a ceilometer-compute agent, i'd like to modify pipeline.yaml to change some transformers and publishers. Unfortunately, it seems that : when i update sources.interval, it correctly changes the inverval of the data collection; but when i modify the sinks like below:

- name: cpu_sink
      - name: "rate_of_change"
                name: "cpu_util"
                unit: "%"
                type: "gauge"
                scale: "100.0 / (10**9 * (resource_metadata.cpu_number or 1))"
      - udp://
      - file:///tmp/test2

it takes NO effect to either transformers nor publishers.

I then made a trace in the ceilometer code, just print some logs in and agent/, i found that each time the poller works, it runs into "class SampleSource " forever, and of course gets the configurations as interval or meters ; but it will NEVER run into "class SampleSink" which will take effects of the configurations as transformers and publisher.I think that is the problem.

Because i am not good at coding, i really don't know why this happens. I followed the to install the ceilometer component, and it worked well by default, for example, i can use ceilometer-client to get the data. But I just can't make pipeline sink work.

I wander if there's something i missed, I'm glad if anyone could give a hand, and many thanks.

2016-02-17 12:04:53 -0500 answered a question How to configure a compute node ceilometer agent to send meters to a UDP port?

i fall into the same case with you.