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2016-03-16 09:28:21 -0500 commented answer Can i scale up/scale down computing resource(i.e. cpu, ram, disk) on running vm instances without shutting it down?

This in not implemented yet. This is just a proposal.

2016-03-10 07:16:43 -0500 commented answer CPU hot plugging in Openstack

I knew about that @Bipin, Actually if VM is running and we do not want to have a downtime of even a second, in that case hot-plugging is used, it increases the performance at run time. I have done this using libvirt but I am not aware if this can be done in Openstack. Though its an important feature

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2016-03-02 03:32:51 -0500 asked a question CPU hot plugging in Openstack

Does Openstack support CPU hot plug feature. For example if I already have a VM with 2 vcpu's and I want to increase its vcpu's to 4 or any other number (both cases up-scale or down-scale). Can it be done using the latest version of Openstack (Liberty). I don't see any API call that serves that purpose. If anyone knows if this feature is currently available or is it under development.

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2016-02-17 05:10:51 -0500 commented question Exceeded maximum number of retries. Exceeded max scheduling attempts 3 for instance

check if the DB is accessible using passwords in nova.con, also see the logs in /var/log/nova. Furthermore check whether enough resources are available like CPU, RAM, DISK etc.

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2016-02-15 01:57:06 -0500 commented answer Enabling Monasca Graphana GUI from Horizon

what is the username, password for horizon login from dashboard. because it does not ask for one

2016-02-02 13:37:43 -0500 commented question keystone: notifications on add/remove user to group

wha type of notifications are you trying to get and for what purpose. Please explain your question. It is difficult to comprehend from your question what are you trying to ask.

2016-02-02 08:41:51 -0500 commented answer Heat ERROR: The template section is invalid: vm_name

Hey @zaneb, You can have a look at this template here, Thanks a lot for your response, if you need anything else do let me know

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2016-01-25 10:43:15 -0500 asked a question Heat ERROR: The template section is invalid: vm_name

I am trying to create a stack using Heat template by using the following command:

heat stack-create vm --template-file=vm_instances.template --parameters="public_network=<management-network-id/name>;net_name=vm1-net;subnet_name=vm1-net;VM1_name=vre1;VM2_name=vre2;v_port0=<name/netid>;vport1=<name/netid of second interface>;v_port2==<name/net of third interface>"

Any help related to this is appreciated. One more thing if I comment out the section vm_name in the heat template the error repeats itself by going to any other parameter for instance, xyz template section is invalid. similarly commenting out that will lead to another section popping up with the same error.

2016-01-25 08:18:07 -0500 asked a question Adding a compute node to Openstack

I want to add a compute node to openstack with VMs already spun on the compute node. I want to know whether Openstack would be able to discover the VMs on that compute node or not. Will it only show the compute node in horizon?

PS: for instance I spun the VMs by adding the compute node to openstack and then i removed it. If i add the same compute node on it again having the same VMs how would it react to this?

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2016-01-18 06:27:13 -0500 commented answer Copying Image on compute node to avoid glance copying time

I am trying to deploy a VNF that requires a lot of resources and the image size is quite large (around 5 GB). Now if send the compute node with pre-configured image and stuff it would be good, because that should not cause my end customer's network to congest. compute node should be tested and ready

2016-01-16 22:11:31 -0500 asked a question Copying Image on compute node to avoid glance copying time

According to my understanding the Compute node receives the Image from glance and then that image is stored in the cache and served as base to make other instances from it (stored in "/var/lib/nova/instances/_base") directory. Now if i want to overcome the overhead of downloading the image from glance and place the image on compute node (like pre-configured compute node) to start making VMs using that image, (because in my case the image size is really big and i don't need an overhead due to slow internet to make things slower). Would that serve the purpose. I don't want the glance to download the image as that would take time. so i want to place the image on compute server to overcome that delay. Can anybody suggest any optimizations or way to achieve this?

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