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2016-03-27 10:25:19 -0500 answered a question Provider network with ovs & vlan not work

Basically, VM-to-VM communication should work when all VMs sit on the same provider network. However, it is not straightforward to make a host or a controller to be able to ping a VM via the provider network. I'm not sure why you need to ping VM from your physical nodes in OpenStack.

Here is a list of check points, not limited.

  1. Check out if your controller node also has the provider network connection. Your physical node should have a routable path to the provider network or owns an IP address from the provider network's IP range.
  2. Double-check firewall rules of the provider network. Some firewall rules may have a dropping rule for ICMP (i.e., ping).
  3. Security Group: some default SG does not allow ICMP. You need to enable the ICMP rule for your VM.

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