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2016-04-15 06:20:14 -0500 commented answer Installing LBaaS

Thanks for the help, for Kilo, following yum command worked.

yum install openstack-neutron-lbaas

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2016-04-15 04:58:46 -0500 asked a question Installing LBaaS


I'm trying to install LBaaS plugins for openstack neutron. Im facing following error on CentOS 7 Yum. Im using Kilo release.


No package neutron-lbaas-agent available.



yum install neutron-lbaas-agent Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, priorities Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * atomic: * base: * epel: * extras: * updates: 159 packages excluded due to repository priority protections

No package neutron-lbaas-agent available.

Any help will be apperciated, Am I using wrong package name?

Regards Aun

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2016-04-05 06:12:31 -0500 commented answer CentOS 7 - Trove Install

Yes we do have HA Setup - Thanks for the help, but using Packstack is out of question for us due to some reasons, Again, to the original question, it will be great if I can get help on exact process to configure trove.

2016-04-05 05:17:47 -0500 asked a question CentOS 7 - Trove Install

I am trying to install Trove with my existing openstack setup on CentOS 7. I could'nt find any proper step by step instructions to install and configure Trove for Kilo on CentOS. Can someone please help and provide details (Step by step instructions or any related URl will be highly apperciated). Thanks

Regards Aun

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2016-03-16 14:41:46 -0500 asked a question which companies are using swift storage

Anyone knows which companies are using swift storage in production environment?

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2016-03-10 01:50:07 -0500 answered a question swift unable to upload file

/var/log/messages on swift storage nodes and /var/log/swift/swift.log on swift proxy node should help you find out the exact issue.

2016-03-09 08:00:03 -0500 answered a question Remove all empty containers in one go [Swift]

I found an ugly way to do it, I installed Cyberduck, logged in my account in this application, selected and deleted all containers, but I'm still interested to know if there is any such swift command?

2016-03-09 05:52:38 -0500 asked a question Remove all empty containers in one go [Swift]

I looked around but couldn't find any solution. I run some tests on swift setup and it created more than 100 empty containers. Now I'm looking for a way to remove all the current containers in my swift setup in one go. Any command or any option from Horizon which let me do this? sure i can delete each container individually but that will take enough time. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

2016-03-09 04:07:28 -0500 commented answer SSBench Error

Thanks, that worked !

2016-03-08 03:53:13 -0500 asked a question SSBench Error

I'm trying to instal SSBench for benchmarking mys wift installation. I have followed the following guide:

I tried on Centos 6, Centos 7, Ubuntu 14.04, ubuntu 15.04 and on everyone of them, Im getting following error when installaing ssbench. Any help will be greatly apperciated.

 Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement statlib (from ssbench) (from versions: )
No matching distribution found for statlib (from ssbench)

Regards Aun

2016-03-08 01:28:07 -0500 answered a question VMs cannot ping the Virtual Gateway

The best way to go ahead with identifying the exact issue is to use tcpdump on all important interfaces. Following document's "tcpdump" section should be helpful.

2016-03-04 01:11:34 -0500 commented answer openstack load testing

thank you. Its something i was looking for :)

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2016-03-03 07:15:53 -0500 answered a question Keystone Verifying opeartions HTTP(500) error

Yes, You can check /var/log/keystone/keystone.log file to find out more specific details about this error.

2016-02-29 01:30:22 -0500 answered a question How to do with Neutron to get statistics about network interface

Probably you need to look more into ceilometer component of openstack. It might give you your desired results.

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2016-02-25 01:21:12 -0500 commented answer Openstack Swift error

Thanks mohit, it resolved my issue.

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2016-02-24 07:46:31 -0500 asked a question Openstack Swift error

I have setup swift object storage on my openstack setup. But when i checked swift stat from controller/proxy node, here is what it displays. +++

[root@controller-hostname swift]# swift stat
Account HEAD failed: http://controller-hostname:8080/v1/AUTH_64cae0b8b2644cdc9b01aa5ff21646c8 401 Unauthorized


here is my proxy server configuration.



bind_port = 8080

swift_dir = /etc/swift

user = swift


pipeline = catch_errors gatekeeper healthcheck proxy-logging cache container_sync bulk tempurl ratelimit tempauth container-quotas account-quotas slo dlo proxy-logging proxy-server

paste.filter_factory = keystonemiddleware.auth_token:filter_factory

auth_uri = http://controller-hostname:5000

auth_url = http://controller-hostname:35357

auth_plugin = password

project_domain_id = default

user_domain_id = default

project_name = service

username = swift

password = openstack

delay_auth_decision = true


/var/log/messages are not reporting any related errors. any help with be highly appreciated, i googled a lot of discussion links but non seems to help my case. Thanks guys.

Regards Aun

2016-02-24 01:18:41 -0500 answered a question Instance creation failing ( Block Device Mapping)

You should also check glance and cinder logs for identifying exact problem, this issue seems more related to cinder or glance side.

2016-02-24 01:15:28 -0500 edited answer Launching an Instance

Have double checked that nova.conf is properly configured? specially for following parameters.

network_api_class =
security_group_api = neutron
linuxnet_interface_driver =
firewall_driver = nova.virt.firewall.NoopFirewallDriver
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