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Yes I have found you must delete any attached router first, before you can delete the network :)

2014-04-05 02:12:05 -0500 answered a question Centos 6.5 - Havana - InstanceTypeDiskTooSmall

As a student user of OpenStack also, I have faced this problem at the start as well, so for the sake of simpleness, I remove all the flavours except the small flavour, using the horizon gui, and then edit the small flavour to 2gb of ram, and 10gb size, this works perfect for playing with standard sized images like fedora or ubuntu :)

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Nice one, cheers pal :)

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The issue has been resolved, after I ran the 5 years of windows 2008 r2 updates :-p Organizational-Role is now visible

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Hey, I was using this (

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Hey folks, Im trying to follow the procedure for allowing AD logins for openstack. I have setup a samba 4 AD DC on CentOS, I was hoping to authenticate Openstack logins through this. This is a college project, nothing production related, so a single basic user login through this method would suffice.

There is no “CN=Organizational-Role” to open. I have successfully bound a server to my new domain. So I know it is working as far as I can tell, any ideas, please see screen cap attached in the link.


  1. In ADSI Edit go to schema

  2. Open CN=Organizational-Role

  3. In attribute editor edit possSuperiors

  4. Add groupOfNames in the values and click OK


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2014-03-23 15:25:35 -0500 asked a question Removing 'Member' options.

Hey folks. Im creating a proof of concept IaaS & PaaS system as my college FYP.

I have a perfectly working OpenStack setup. I want to have a demo project with basic options for regular users, ie. fellow students. So ideally I would like to have it, when a student "logs in" they can only deploy existing images. or the minimalist of options.

Also can I have the network and routers pre-set up for them, and not let them delete/add edit routers or networks ??


Running OpenStack Havana

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You can re-run packstack, with the same settings, it will clean up.

   #  packstack --answer-file=/path-to-packstack-answer.txt
2014-03-12 02:04:02 -0500 commented question Has anyone setup Havana with Docker?

Looks like there are plans to remove the docker driver. I'm just a student and I'm learning openstack for a PoC project for my FYP, I was hoping that my resulting project would be able spin up Docker containers instead of vm's, that was the goal of my project, so far I have been unable to integrate docker correctly and get it working, (Im using RDO). Very disappointing. Docker inc..sort it out :) (

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Sweet :) Thanks for posting your config, very helpful !

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This works for me. (

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Hi larsks, Ive since blitzed that vm, Im sorry Ive no errors from the logs, being a rookie Im not sure what Im at, Ill try replicate where I was at and report back. I was able launch cirros, fedora and ubuntu vm's, I was able assign them floating ip's, and I could ping and ssh into them from host machine. But after reverting to a vmware created snapshot, I couldn't do any of that, the vm spawn would crap out instantly. thanks for getting back to me !

2014-03-07 07:35:41 -0500 answered a question why do we need to unstack and stack it again when we turn off the system??

I wouldn't have a technical answer for you, n00b myself, but I assume its like how you should always unmount or eject a connected usb or disk before you plug it out !

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2014-03-04 06:39:13 -0500 asked a question Reverting OpenStack snapshots breaks installation

Hi folks. Im learing the openstack ropes currently. Im using VMware Workstation 10. I have successfully deployed Openstack and configured it for external networking. All good. I have created snaphots along the way in the hope I can simply revert to fully working state as I go along and break stuff.

Particularity I have been snap-shotting as I try to configure my installation to deploy docker containers. I had a working docker, but when I tried to push a container to glance something didn't work, when I went back to last snapshot I found I was unable to get back into horizon, after a lot of googling I got back in by service openstack-ceilometer-api start but was greeted by a load of errors. I rebooted and now I cant spin up any test vm's I had stored. Compute seemed to be reporting itself down.

I will start from scratch again, but is there a safe way to take and revert to snapshots with out breaking my whole installation, as a packstack install takes me about 90 minutes to run each time to get started again


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Hi thank you for your comment. Yes it seams to be a virtualbox limitation at fault :( I have recreated myseup using a trial version of VMware Workstation and its working. Thank you.

2014-03-03 06:15:12 -0500 asked a question Instance build Error

Hi folks, I've successfully installed RDO Packstsck and have it setup for external networking. Im doing all this in virtualbox for learning purposes. I can launch cirros test image without issue, and from the host machine I can ping and ssh into it. I have set libvirt_type=qemu in /etc/nova/nova.conf.

But I have imported into glance a larger fedora image which only gives me an error. I do not know how to troubleshoot or fix. I have adjusted flavour size to give the fedora image enough RAM and disk size

Any ideas. Here is a (pastebin) to my openstack-status And (screen-cap)


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Hi mate, can I ask you a quick question if you dont mind. Im having the exact same issue as you in opening post, I have done sed -i 's/^libvirt_type=kvm/libvirt_type=qemu/g' /etc/nova/nova.conf as you did, Problem still persists cirros vm craps out, how many nics did you give your packstack vm in virtualbox ? I have only 1, host-only, sitting behind a pfSense vm acting as router, I think this is wrong. Can I ask how you network configured your vm. Thanks