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2014-10-15 03:32:36 -0600 answered a question installation problem with devstack on ubuntu 14.04:error on glance

Are you specifying any specific branch other than Juno for Glance in local.conf. If it is so, you better clone devstack not from the master branch but from an other branch. For example, if it is Icehouse

git clone -b stable/icehouse https://github.com/openstack-dev/devstack
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2013-11-01 00:25:22 -0600 commented answer How can I merge an existing cinder volume to another?

Thank you for your answer. Indeed, as you've mentioned, I had to do some manual hacks, and luckily it worked!

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2013-09-10 01:47:20 -0600 asked a question How can I merge an existing cinder volume to another?

I'm now trying to merge an existing cinder volume to another system's cinder volume.

In the current system I am using has two nodes running cinder, for example CINDER-NODE-A and CINDER-NODE-B. And I am now planning to add one more cinder node, CINDER-NODE-C, however after adding it I want to merge the cinder volume in CINDER-NODE-A to CINDER-NODE-C, and then remove the cinder service in CINDER-NODE-A. Therefore, as a result there will be two cinder nodes running.

I did some search on internet, but I couldn't find any good ideas. I've found that a cinder volume migration feature will be released in the Havana, but for now I want to do this on Grizzly platform.

Is there any way to migrate a cinder volume to another system within grizzly ?