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2017-11-16 09:57:44 -0600 asked a question L3 Gateway for VxLAN Network outside neutron

When looking at a high scale KVM multi node Compute host approach,VXLAN considered as the Tenant Networks .Understood that neutron supports and act as VTEP in each compute host.

In this case, i don't want to run the L3 Gateway with neutron.How can i approach for a method , i can use L3 to be in Physical vendor device, Please suggest some common Plugin Model with ML2 or any open source way i can look into this with CLOS network architecture.

Secondly if neutron is going to handle the L3, is there any standard approach with VxLAN and any performance issue with VTEP in each compute host.


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2017-11-11 04:57:18 -0600 asked a question VxLAN tenant network with multi node KVM computes

I am considering below scenario for the new open stack environment.But achieving the same needs help in understanding the flow.Please help me to understand what approach i can use for the environment testingand and readiness

Environment Consideration:

  • Tenant Network needs to use VXLAN network for which neutron is required (as per changes in ML2 for VXLAN)
  • Provider/External Network can use VLAN network.
  • Dynamic routing protocol support – BGP and OSPF
  • Traffic mirroring per VXLAN and VLAN
  • Considering vswitch and vrouter – or any alternate approach(can be physical vendor products) for achieving the same.

If we consider this approach, how can i handle VXLAN tenant network path for new openstack. where should my l3 has to run for a better optimised way. If use neutron router, can it support all dynamic routing functionality. Whether the neutron can offload all VXLAN traffic and can act as VTEP and how each port connects to VM behaves from the same. Or is it better to offload to physical vendor switch. Is there any SDN network controllers avail to orchestrate all. Can OpenContrail do all this along with further service chaining.

Can DVR help in this case as well?

When VxLAN network comes into picture ,how should in general need to consider the tenant traffic considering with huge compute nodes

Thanks, Naveen

2015-11-26 22:54:57 -0600 answered a question Radware integration with Kilo

Hi Akshik ,

Which LBaaS Version are you using ? Is it LBaaS v1 or 2

  1. For V1 LBaaS - use pip install neutron_radware_lbaas
  2. For V2 - use pip install neutron_radware_lbaas_v2

when restarting neutron-server after Radware service provider is added, is the neutron agent-list showing services status as alive or dead .?

Also can you please confirm on which file you have enabled the service provider ? Is it neutron.conf or neutron-lbaas.conf?

For me the worked settings is given below for native LBaaS and Radware with HA, We are using LBaaS v1 driver implementation

LBaaS MOS 7 configuration :


1.apt-get install neutron-lbaas-agent /etc/openstack-dashboard/

' enable_lb': True, /etc/neutron/neutron.conf

service_plugins,,lbaas /etc/neutron/lbaas_agent.ini

debug = True interface_driver = neutron.agent.linux.interface.OVSInterfaceDriver device_driver = user_group = neutron

5.service neutron-server restart

6.service neutron-lbaas-agent restart

7.service apache2 restart

radware Driver installtion

1.pip install neutron_radware_lbaas

2.Go to /etc/neutron and edit the neutron.conf file as follows:


vdirect_address="floating ip"


3.Service provider addition in neutron-lbaas.conf

[service_providers] drivers.radware.driver.LoadBalancerDriver:default

4.Restart neutron-server

Do let me know the result please

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