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I resized a vm successfully, then migration is fail. But it won't occur error before I resize it. So why?

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Thank for your reply. I use the command like this: nova resize f81cdd11-b30b-4187-a654-55e99770d512 f97bfa70-e15b-4876-86cb-cfbb38bccaf6 Is the usage correct? :)

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2013-09-02 22:30:01 -0600 asked a question Folsom, windows instance launched OK but no console output

I am running Folsom on a two node configuration. If I use the standard images, I.e. cirros-0.3.0-x86_64-disk.img I have no problems, console log is there. But if I create an image using KVM and any of the windows ISO standard files, like windows XP, 2008 and so on, then I don't get a console log. Instances always run OK and I can access them via the dashboard login screen, and there are no error messages about the console; console.log is always 0 bytes on these cases. Is there any difference on those cloud images that I need to add to my image creation process? I have already tried and added libvirt unsuccessfully. Thanks for the help!