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2018-05-04 15:59:25 -0500 answered a question Glance:354 g-api did not start during Devstack Installation

I'm getting the same results as well. RHEL 7.4 and latest devstack.

[Call Trace] ./ /opt/stack/devstack/lib/glance:352:die [ERROR] /opt/stack/devstack/lib/glance:352 g-api did not start Error on exit World dumping... see /opt/stack/logs/worlddump-2018-05-04-205711.txt for details [stack@devstacktesting devstack]$

2015-11-02 18:40:22 -0500 answered a question Does Fuel absolutely require root to run?

This is from the source documentation on the most recent release. You set the Root password and execute as root. (